Rumours: Microsoft Have Changed Their Mind On Xbox One DRM

Update: this has been confirmed. Click here for full details.

The Xbox One has seen little but negative response in relation to the console’s restrictive DRM (digital rights management) and the fact that it needs to check in daily with Microsoft. People aren’t particularly happy with the way they can’t easily trade or rent games either.


Well, according to one site, that’s all about to change.

Is What HiFi? a trusted source of gaming news? I’m not sure, but they seem pretty confident: the site is claiming that Microsoft are about to do a 180 on some of the DRM rules, including the “always online” 24-hour issue.

“Microsoft is set to announce it will remove DRM restrictions on Xbox One games and the need for you to have the new Xbox always online,” it says.

“Sources tell that Microsoft is set to announce the changes later today, with games developers being informed first. It seems Microsoft has listened and is set to change its mind on both DRM on Xbox One games and the always online requirement.”

Microsoft previously said they wouldn’t change a thing with the Xbox One.

We’ll see.

Gaming site GiantBomb has also added fuel to this fire – they say there’s no longer an always on requirement, all game disks will work on One as they do on 360, there’s no need for online authentication for each game and rental restrictions have been dropped.

Apparently there’s also no region locks.

Sony made a big deal of the PlayStation 4’s DRM being similar to that of the PS3, which saw a huge amount of applause during their pre-E3 conference last week because it meant users could rent and trade games without any fuss, although that’s apparently publisher dependent.



  1. It’s great if it’s true but I don’t trust MS. They’ll probably drop the DRM now to increase initial sales and then issue a mandatory update in a years time when people with X1’s have no choice. We may have defeated them for now but they’ll be back… worse than ever.

  2. Not sure how they managed to let it go this far but if this turns out to be true, then speaking up was worth it. Gamers will have made a significant change and we should be proud of that. Now it’s not set in stone, yet and details aren’t clear but at least it would be a sign that they aren’t completely blind.
    I can’t imagine how they will justify everything they’ve said up to this point and it’ll be interesting to see what happens to those games that were exclusive because of the cloud.

  3. Wow. This is pretty mental but I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised, if they had soldiered on with their original plan in the face of the unprecedented, insane level of negativity it generated it would have done massive irreparable damage to the Xbox brand. I’ll still be sticking with PS4 but Microsoft really were left with no choice in this matter.

  4. Brilliant news if true, i’ve been getting a bit tired of all the negative bent towards X1, even if much of it was deserved.
    We need competition in the console market, it can’t be a one-horse race. So with the DRM restrictions removed the playing field is levelled and the real competition between the consoles can begin and we can concentrate on the games.

  5. The CIA wont allow this, they need it to check in every 24 hours, to send all the things Kinect has recorded from the previous day. Spying Bastards

  6. Great moment for the gaming community. Voices were heard and they actually listened. They must have been under some serious pressure from the top to change things up, trawling the net found absolutely nothing positive about their new console at all.
    BUT; damage has been done. I’ve maintained that if the shoe were on the other foot I’d make the shift over and still would if Sony make a cluster of their next hardware release. ..but given the absolutely disgusting way Microsoft have treated their customers, the gaming community, industry and media and the contempt they’ve show I’ll NEVER buy an XBox One. Ever.

    Microsoft, be a part of as many areas of the entertainment industry as you want to be but DON’T try and own it. There isn’t place for you and you bullish behaviour and today proved you don’t have the clout you thought you did. Sit down and shut up for once. It’s not your industry, it’s ours and it was ours a long time before you got here.

  7. Heads will roll at MS if they do this u turn.

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