Microsoft Won’t Change Anything About The Xbox One In Reaction To PS4

Speaking in a recent interview at E3 last week [via], Xbox mouthpiece Major Nelson has said that Microsoft won’t be changing anything about the Xbox One in reaction to the sort of things Sony are doing with the PlayStation 4.

“I don’t think, I mean we’re really not going to change anything we’ve done with Xbox One” said Major Nelson, real name Larry Hryb. “We’re very happy, did you see the games on stage during our briefing? Did you see the exclusives?”


“I mean we’re really really proud of the system and the games that are coming out. When you look at games like TitanFall – have you gone through Titanfall yet? Enough said. Conversation over.”

TitanFall is console exclusive to Xbox consoles, at least for now.

“We’re really happy with what we showed on stage as well as what we’re showing here in the booth so I think it is uh, it’s safe to say that we’re confident where we’re going.”

“We’re also confident that gamers are going to love our vision of the future and what we’re going to offer for gaming,” Hryb added. Microsoft have been widely criticised by gamers and writers alike after their restrictive DRM policies – the console must be connected to the web once a day and game sales and rentals are massively cut back.

Sony have said that their DRM with the PS4 will remain as it is with PS3.



  1. “did you see the games on stage during our briefing? Did you see the exclusives?” – did you see the torrent of hate rolling towards you over the net? Even on your own damn blog?!

    • For every studio Microsoft has, Sony have 10.

      SO whatever Microsoft show, Sony will have 10 of them.

      Sorry Microsoft, you are full of toss.

  2. “I mean we’re really really proud of the system and the games that are coming out. When you look at games like TitanFall – have you gone through Titanfall yet? Enough said. Conversation over.”

    Conversation over? It’s over when people calm down and I don’t think that’s going to be any time soon. Mr Hryb needs to understand that he doesn’t dictate to us when we’re happy or dissatisfied. Arrogant prick.

    • Titanfall looked dull as hell to me, too. Conversation just getting started, IMO.

      • I agree. Not sure what the fuzz is all about. It’s COD with jet packs and mechs. I hate two out of three things that I just mentioned and it sure as hell isn’t jet packs! :P

    • Titanfall looks like another COD clone (to be expected tbh from the makers of COD).

      Destiny however looks great.

      • And….. Its on PC so its not exactly a solid exclusive.

      • ^ This. The only ‘exclusive’ I was interested in (and I’m not even a cod fan) and it’s not exclusive anyway.

      • Destiny is multi-plat, Titanfall will rear it’s lovely head next year i bet for PS4.

    • Unbelievable! I think you just telepathically somehow vulcan mind melded with me as after I just read that article I was going to quote the exact statement you have and retaliate with ‘Arrogant prick’! :)

  3. Whatever changes there are from now until release they’re not going to admit it’s because of what Sony are doing, it would mean they would have to say they got it wrong.

    • Windows 8 – yes, of course MS got nothing wrong with that either… How can a company lose it so?

  4. What an arrogant arse. Although it would’ve been kinda ironic if he hadnt been positive about it lol.

    MS are hoping to ride the 360s success and to sell purely based on the brand – coz that’s clearly worked for Nintendo hasn’t it…
    Besides, Sony’s exclusives have been, and continue to be, far more appealing to me, not to mention rich and varied. The majority of their exclusives for the 360 moved to multiplatform eventually leaving them with Halo and not much else while PS3 had everything from Killzone to LBP to Uncharted and The Last Of Us. They’re heading for a fall and its spectacular to watch such a car crash in motion.

    • I was just wondering earlier today how much MS’s bullish attitude is due to the notion that a 360 owner is automatically going to be a One owner. Something that from listening to my friends is not the case…

      I do find that idea a bit surprising especially with the hard sell Sony had on their hands with the PS3 and that was in part due to cost… (although i might be wrong at the time when PS3 launched I was still predominately a PC gamer and didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to consoles except maybe the Gamecube)

      • I think anyone a little clued up will switch to the PS4 – I haven’t spoken to anyone actually keen on buying the One but MS are so arrogant at the moment they just won’t accept that. And you do of course have those who don’t particularly follow the gaming news and will buy it based on the 360. On the other hand maybe MS are hoping there are enough die-hard Xbox fans to make the One viable regardless… All I can say is, now is a good time to be a Sony fan :-)

        I think Sony’s main problem with the PS3 was the year head start MS on had them – so many were keen to get stuck in to the HD gen they plumped for the only option. It’s launch price also meant it wasn’t really viable as a 2nd unit especially as the 360 was established at this point with a reasonable catalogue of games… It was a real up hill struggle! But they’ve learned from their lessons, come out fists swinging, and so far it’s paying off :-) not to mention the fact they actually listen to and acknowledge the consumer. MS are making all the mistakes this time round that Sony made last time only it seems they are to stubborn to accept it… Holiday season will be interesting!

  5. Microsoft said the same thing about the start button in Windows 8, and guess what’s coming back in Windows 8.1…
    Whilst I don’t think we’ll see a total reversal, I reckon there’s a chance we might see the online DRM relaxed, or reduced to connecting say once a week. Although that begs the question, if your internet isn’t good enough to be able to connect once a day, chances are isn’t not going to be good enough once a week, so what’s the point?

  6. Look at the exclusives! Please. Look at them. We paid a 1 billion for them Please look at them. And buy them and the console. Please. Please please please.. Dont look at the small print. No. No looking at that. Look at the shiny. Look! LOOK! Please buy the console. And the exclusives. We need to sell 20 million consoles before we’re in profit. Dont look at PS4. NO! Look here! Exclusives! Shiny! Look at the generic space marine shooter, we’re good at them, we’ve already got two of them EXCLUSIVE to Xbox so why not add another! We know you like them. Dont look at Xbox 360 either because that’s dead in the water we havent got anything at all for that compared to all the fb stuff Sony has out before Xmas. Look at the shiny. And my mad beaver hat. SHINY! HAT. BUY XBOX ONE.

  7. And on a serious note, if ANYONE at Microsoft is ‘confident’ then they are deluded. If I were head of MS I would be raising hell right now.

  8. What, Not even the DDR5 RAM?

    • It’s definitely too late to change hardware specs, firmware + software stuff they can change at the flip of a switch if they so wish.

  9. What stupid things to say. The arrogance is going to push even more people away.

  10. Microsoft seem absolutely intent on doing Sony’s marketing for them.

    • This really made me lol. Gotta stop reading TSA at work!

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