Xbox Live Down, Xbox.Com Out Of Action

Less than 24 hours after Microsoft reverted on their DRM policies for Xbox One, the platform holder’s Xbox Live service has unceremoniously gone down. Users were instantly kicked from Live, and the website is unresponsive, suggesting a fairly wide spread issue.


Xbox Support have said they “are looking into this,” with regards to Xbox Live suddenly crashing, adding they “have run into an issue with the Xbox Live service, and are currently investigating” promising “status updates” in the future.

At the time of writing all will return is a basic error message.

Update: it’s all back and working 100%.



  1. A pissed off hacker DDOS-ing, who missed the news that Xbone DRM is a thing of the past???

    • It’s not really a thing of the past thou, is it?

      Microsoft have shown their contempt for gamers, took for for clueless idiots that let anything go.

  2. Good job this didn’t happen with the Xone if they didn’t 180. Would of been worse than the Apocalps3.

  3. tell me about it…
    was signed in joined a game of cod got spat out.
    cant sign back in…
    time to dust off the old internet ready bluray player and suffer the second rate psn service for tonight!
    *ducks behind sofa trying to avoid barrage of abuse*
    lol just kidding guys

  4. Careful, by reporting this, you may be called a fanboy. ;)

  5. works for me now; can’t check live as I do not have …

  6. Good thing they announced no more DRM, and no 24hr online checks. Otherwise I think this page would look very different……

  7. straight to the naughty step please blast!
    we don’t mention the word fan-boy here at tsa it a given!
    if you are referring to my preference of gaming console then yes i favor the xbox lol.

    • Not referring to you willy, just some of the responses to tuffcub’s article about the xbox saga ;P

      • saga what saga lol…most definitely swaying to the ps3.5..
        like what i done there? (it refers to the fact that sony are doing what microsoft have done for the past 10 years)
        oh sorry gotta dash live is back up n’ running..phew 1 whole hour without live!

  8. It’s good news for Xbox users that Microsoft got it sorted out quickly.

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