Rumour: Sony Planning To Allow Users To Hide Trophies

Rumour has it that Sony are planning to let users hide their Trophy counts and lists, something that probably should have been an option a long time ago. Not everyone wants everyone else to know what games they’re playing and when, and privacy options are something Microsoft have been particularly good at with the Xbox 360.


The seeds of this rumour come from a “well-placed source” and a few snippets of code apparently found in the latest firmware, the pulled (and rather dodgy) 4.45.

According to those able to do a bit of digging, there are API references to “set_privacy_level” and “get_privacy_level” in the latest system software, suggesting that it’ll be a system-wide option, and one that probably won’t be too far down the line. The video above is of the PS4’s user interface – that’ll almost certainly echo any changes the PS3 sees.

4.45 also offered users the option to hide Trophy notifications, something that can be particularly distracting and are something that at least one developer, Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream head David Cage, would rather not see during a game at all.



  1. I’ll tentatively welcome this so long as it doesn’t also hide my PS3’s ability to function..

  2. I can’t think of anything to say that isn’t offensive, so I’ll be quiet.

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