Heavy Rain Delays Trophy Pop-ups

Seriously?  Kotaku is reporting that David Cage’s Heavy Rain won’t feature ‘live’ Trophy pop-ups – rather they’ll be queued until the end of each chapter under special ‘permission’ from Sony.  This, apparently, is to prevent the previously just fine but now mood-ruining ‘ping’ of a new Trophy.

I’m sorry, but I’ve never heard such a bizarre idea in my life.  Quantic Dream co-CEO Guilaume de Fondaumiere said that the delayed Trophies gets the team around the problem of “having the little Trophy alert message and accompanying chime interrupt scenes of tense crime-scene investigation.”


My tip: don’t set up your Trophies to trigger during such an investigation in the first place!

Sony wouldn’t let us play Heavy Rain last month when press copies went out so I don’t know whether the game offers any other prompts, on-screen or otherwise, but apparently the carefully poised embargo-free previews say the game is rather lovely and visually it does appear to look the part.

But plenty of games have only awarded Trophies and Achievements after the event (more so with Trophies, which always appear to be about 10 seconds behind) and lots of them are ‘end of chapter’ ones anyway.  I expect to be informed otherwise in the comments, of course.  Do your worst.

Thanks gazzagb.