Bastion Dev: “The Extra Power Of The PS4 Is Actually Super-Useful For Us”

SuperGiant Games’ Transistor will debut on PS4 when it’s finished next year. The studio’s previous game, Bastion, was a wonderful title that grabbed a 10/10 here on TSA, and hopes are high that this new game will be just as good.

Speaking to PlayStation, SuperGiant’s Greg Kasavin has commented on how the power of the PS4 has been instrumental in getting the game developed.

“You’d be surprised,” said Kasavin when asked about the impact the PS4’s power has on indie games. “The extra power of the PS4 is actually super-useful for us, especially the added memory capacity.”

“This game is much more animation-intensive than Bastion already. The fidelity of the animation – I’m not sure we could achieve that on the current gen without significantly scaling it back.”

“Obviously, this is a purely 2D game – it’s not polygonal at all. We’re not making full use of the system’s horsepower, but at the same time I think that the spirit of the PS4 is that it has all sorts of games on it, large and small. That spirit that was showcased at the E3 press briefing, and that’s why we’re here.”

Greg is also hugely positive about Sony’s new ‘indie’ focus. “The way in which Sony has been pushing smaller titles has been really inspiring,” he said. “When I was watching the PS4 unveiling and Jonathan Blow got up there and presented The Witness, I was like ‘That’s awesome!'”

“For me, as a game player, I was like ‘I’m sold. I’m in. I’m getting that system so I can play The Witness, if nothing else.'”



  1. Transistor set to max out PS4 RAM at launch? ;)

  2. How would a 2D games challenge current gen ,bastion is a flash game at best and they are doing another 2D game.
    “obviously this is a purely a 2D” this articles translates to me no body cares that we have another 2D game so we will mention how awesomely powerful the ps4 then people will look at what we are doing.

    • There can still be manipulation of 2D assets which will push the luck of the current generation in some way and the creator obviously thinks so. The very positive thing that he’s taking from the new PS4 (as well as Sony) is that both the company and the hardware appear to want to actively look after all manner of titles and size of developer.

      Obviously a more cynical view will be a small but well respected dev giving the PS4 some creamy goodness. :-)

      Thing is, we see this sort of thing when the huge publishers (like EA) tell us how they’re particular partnership with a particular platform is creating something unique even though we know that’s not usually the case. Usually it’s just something “timed” and actually possible on everything. They just want to make you feel special for buying into their games a certain way.

      • @bunimomike I will consider my self educated then if i could delete part of the above I would.

        @KeRaSh Why comment at all ? Because I can.

      • Ah, you’re a gent for even replying like that. To be honest, the point he mentions (and you raise) is something I’d like to have explained to me properly, that’s for sure. I’d hate for it to be based on utter nonsense just to grease Sony’s pole, as it were. :-)

    • You lost me at “bastion is a flash game at best”.
      You obviously have no clue what you are talking about so why comment at all?

  3. Clearly 5 billion transistors weren’t enough for an indie game .. ;)

    • If only it could tap into the power of the cloud.

    • I don’t like how my own comment sounds now that i read it again, i should have said..

      5 billion transistors does not equal 1 Transistor, obviously. :/

      There, i feel better already.. :)

  4. If it runs on an iPad, it should run on the ps3 :p

  5. “The way in which Sony has been pushing smaller titles has been really inspiring,”

    For some reason I read ‘titles’ as ‘titties’. I had to re-read it 3 times.

    • Bad boy, dirty boy, in your bed!

  6. Hey Greg if your reading this, please, please bring bastion to the PS4. Thanks.

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