Gran Turismo 6 Demo Goes Live On Tuesday

Sony has confirmed that a demo for Gran Turismo 6 will launch next week on PSN. It will include the prestigious Silverstone track along with a number of GT Academy-style events to get players back up to speed with PlayStation’s flagship racing sim.


The demo will be available from 9AM next Tuesday and offers players the chance to enrol in Sony’s GT Academy program. If you want a taste of Gran Turismo 6 before launch you had better be quick, however. The one-track preview is to due expire at noon on August 31st.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Not long now :) looking forward to this immensely

  2. Nice spot will give it a try but I don’t think I’ll buy it if it’s not on Ps4.

  3. I can see there being a few problems with PSN when it’s released.

    • Why do you think they had maintenance today? :P

  4. Jumping on this and entering GT Academy. Determined to do well this year.

  5. Shame the demo is so limited given the E3 demo had about 10 tracks.

    • I’m guessing because they want to sell it.

      I’m still really hooked on GT5. It’s rarely been out of my console for the last 2 years. It’s racing nirvana.

    • Yeah, agreed although I think it’s only the Academy trials as far as I can gather so a few license type challenges to progress through before unlocking the full Silverstone track for the main Academy time trial challenge which is time limited so I don’t know if the track will be available to mess around on after the end date.

  6. Brilliant news. And pairing a demo with a GT Academy competition, fucking excellent marketing!

  7. I’m in! Gives me a reason to get the steering wheel set up on my wheelstandpro and consequently hijack my parents living room for a few days :P

  8. Will give it a whirl.

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