Mark Cerny Didn’t See The PS4 Until Everyone Else Did At E3

“I think it’s beautiful,” says system architect Mark Cerny of the PS4. But – and this is hard to believe – he only saw it at the same time as the rest of us: during Sony’s pre-E3 conference.

“I was in the nosebleed seats with the rest of the audience,” he said. “It was a lot of fun. To be honest, it was the first time I saw the console.”

“They offered to show it to me but I wanted to see it at the same time as the rest of the world,” he added. “I had intentionally not seen it until the big reveal.”

“I could tell you how big it was because I know what the power consumption is – but my responsibility was the inside of the system. We have a great design centre to create the look for it.”

We’ve heard only a very select group of people had seen the PS4 before the reveal, a very select group, but we’d always assumed the bloke behind the innards had seen the casing.



  1. It is a cool design, but it does make me wonder if some idiot sat on it just before they brought it out to show us and David House said shit, we’ll just have to go with it now.

  2. Definitely a child at heart to want to share it with everyone at the same time. Good on him. I’d not heard of him until the reveal in February but he’s already garnered huge respect from myself. Even more so when I heard him speaking fluent Japanese to a game dev over from Japan.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed his time on stage at the PS4 reveal. Such a soft voice, and he seemed genuinely enthusiastic about his profession. Could listen to him talk about background downloads all day…

      Gee, how’d the windows get so steamy all of a sudden?

      • Haha, I agree with both of you. He’s such a loveable guy who is very enthusiastic about the work he’s doing. I really think he was the perfect guy to design the system.

        Everytime I read an interview of him I read it with his voice in my head. It’s so calming…

        @Bunimomike: Where can I find that clip where he speaks japanese?

      • Definitely :D and when talking about his job his not as arrogant as David Cage sometimes: “ow look at me, look at me, I make video games to art! my games are special”. Don’t misunderstood, I think Cage is an great game designer but Cerny gave us Crash, Spyro, Jak&Daxter and Ratchet&Clank ! He’s a “legend” and I think I never heard him brag about it. Great guy.

      • There we go, Kerash.

        The audio goes a bit squiffy with it being in sync with the video but it all makes sense.

      • Ah thanks! He really is an amazing guy. I think I have a guy crush on him… :P

  3. That’s pretty cool. I wouldn’t say it’s beautiful, but it seems alright from pictures. I hust hope the light isn’t too bright and/or can be dimmed/turned off.

  4. The design appeals to me in the same way the original PS2 did, love it :)

    • It’s the best looking of the next gen and tons better than the super slim ps3.

      • Not a patch on the original PS3 60gb though, that was a beauty and the best looking console.

      • While I agree that the original PS3 looked pretty good once it grew on me back then, the design of the PS4 is something more current and I was sceptical at first but just like with the PS3 I quickly fell in love with it.
        I saw some mock ups with different colors and this thing just looks stunning in glossy white…
        Why can’t we have nice things on launch? I know I’ll be pissed when the inevitable white SKU comes out.

      • I would give everything for it to be grey and have a small PlayStation logo on top, just like the first PSX console had :D

      • I’ve never bothered with buying a console because of it’s colour but I think this is the first that looks better in different colours.

  5. It just reminds me of a futuristic looking PS2 tbh and that ain’t bad IMO :)

    Btw top bloke that Cerny.

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