CCP Promises “Rapid-Fire Updates” For DUST 514

EVE Online studio, CCP Games, has announced that massively multiplayer online shooter, DUST 514, will be subject to a slew of “rapid-fire updates” in the coming months.

Starting with Uprising 1.2, CCP confirmed that updates will occur on a near-monthly basis as the developer attempts to retune a number of 514’s core gameplay elements including aiming, character movement, vehicles and control layout. This is in response to the feedback from fans and critics after the game launched last month to a lukewarm reception.


In our own review we picked up on DUST 514’s needlessly complicated meta game and a few other fundamental issues. Though ambitious and unique, at present, the gameplay side of things simply doesn’t hold up.

Aside from a comprehensive list of stability improvements and fixes, Uprising 1.2 will also bring a few new features to the table. Firstly, we have the Commando Class Dropsuit.  In DUST 514, Dropsuits are basically customisable loadouts each with their own role on the battlefield. The Commando’s unique function is that it can carry two primary weapons into battle instead of having to compromise for a side-arm.

Other updates include refinements to audio and graphics as well as “Optimal, Effective, and Absolute range on all handheld weapons.” In essence, 514 will now modify damage depending how close you are to a target, depending which weapon you’re carrying.

The game has a long way to go but it’s great to see that CCP didn’t just leave DUST 514 to be squashed under the negative feedback at launch. With the game planned for a PS4 release, hopefully it will be on par with other big-name shooters before Sony’s next-gen contender launches.

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  1. Yeah as long as CCP are in for the long haul things will improve. Eve Online was pretty mediocre when it first launched 10 years ago. Its evolved to be a very respected MMO. If Dust can emulate that on any level then the future will be good. I’ll hang in there for now. The good thing is even if you take a break when you pick it back up you will have skill points to spend.

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  2. Hopefully the PS4 version will include bigger battles.

  3. They better do this, because the game is getting stale to loyal players like me. They need plenty of content and bug fixes for this game to be better

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