Demon’s Souls 2 Listed For PlayStation 4

Demon’s Souls 2 has been listed for the PlayStation 4 by a Swedish retailer. There haven’t been any previous rumours regarding the title so this listing comes as a surprise, especially with From Software working on Dark Souls 2.

demons souls 2

Also listed for the PS4 were Dead Rising 3 and TitanFall, which were announced as Xbox One exclusives, and for PC, so this is surely a mistake. A title which we will no doubt hear more of from Codemasters later this year is F1 2014 which is also listed.

One title that remains to be a mystery is Evolve. Here’s the full listing.

Source: NeoGaf.



  1. Wasn’t Evolve the Turtle Rock/THQ game? Think Ubisoft picked it up, but I can’t remember.

    • I seem to have some vague recollection of a game called Evolve too.

      • 2K it went to, not Ubisoft, my bad!

  2. Unless of course Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 weren’t exclusive when original details went to retailers. MS may well have paid for an exclusivity period shortly before their official announcements but after retailers had received details. They are both more than likely to be timed exclusives.

    Of course it could just be another retailer jumping the gun and just putting as many placeholders up as possible.

    • I’m sure I heard that the deal betwixt Microsoft and Respawn was only for a year, meaning that it should end up coming to PS4 after the timed exclusivity is up.

      And Titanfall is a console exclusive to the Xbox One, its coming to PC as well.

      Not sure about Dead Rising 3, doesn’t really make sense for them to take a step backwards and go back to being exclusive to Microsoft, unless DR2 and DR2:OTR were dreadfully unpopular on PS3 and PC.

  3. I know there’s been talk of the new Rainbow Six but seeing it listed excites me!
    MakEs mE FeeL L1Ke JBoo lOl :p :p :p :) 8)

    • There was no need for that :P

      I’ve hardly played any of Demons Souls, but it’s great to hear that there may be a sequel. :)

    • I!!! fEEL ThE (SAME) ;) way–2o !!?? TCR6 onE Of the greaTest games but NOBODY giVes it ReSPECT!!! ReSPECT!!!! THe Ra!nBoW ;P :D)

      seriously though the last 2 R6 Vegas games are two of my favorite online games. I wish they would have patched more glitches, but even with all the cheating, kicking, spawn killing, not being able to melee or running away from a grenade, that one guy running around in pink armour, or everybody yelling for their team mate NOT to turn in the briefcase… it still ranks up there right behind Bad Company 1 and 2 as greatest MP experience for me this gen.

      • I agree. Can’t beat the terrorist hunt with your mates. Vegas 1 was awesome, then I wet myself when they introduced XP points and stuff on Vegas 2.. Just seemed to work well. Unfortunately, that one guy running around in the pink armour could of been me… lol Once I got top rank and could make my own camouflage something compelled me to pick bright pink, yellow and orange. I looked like a cool Mr Blobby.

  4. Demon’s Souls 2 for the ps4 please be true and not a misprint, Umbasa.

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