Edge Magazine: “Sony Crushed Microsoft At E3”

[drop2]An especially damning front cover from UK videogame magazine Edge this month, clearly siding with Sony and the PlayStation 4 in respect to who “won” E3.

“Why the only option right now is PS4” states the cover, front and centre, with another bullet asking “How Microsoft Blew It”, with the subheading “The titanic errors on Xbox One’s road to ruin”.

It’s hard to say without seeing the magazine’s insides how much of this is recent (this is all from a promo piece on their website that says “Sony crushed Microsoft at E3 2013”) – it’s reasonable to assume the issue went to press before Microsoft’s dramatic U-Turn.

Even so, this is going to be on magazine shelves for a month – that’s hugely powerful PR for Sony as they try to attract pre-orders for the PS4.

The magazine is out this week.



  1. Wow. Edge are usually very cagey and never “Take sides”.

    • Indeed. I don’t normally expect sensationalist headlines from them.

    • No account of Microsoft u turn will ever turn back the clock. Xbone is dead in the water for so many reasons

      • They should have just done the u-turn at E3. Now they will have an uphill battle like sony had with the PS3.

  2. I honestly thought the X1 farce had subsided for now. How wrong I was.

  3. I’d love to know the actual pre-order numbers… There’s an evil side of me that wants MS to fail badly…

    • I wouldn’t want MS to fail badly as then we have a near monopoly which would be very bad. However, as I’m likely to get a PS4 and not an X1 I would like PS4 to be more successful than X1 in the hope that it becomes lead platform for multi-plat games.

    • Well, it’s the devastatingly low pre-order numbers that made MS change their policy (porbably after their stoch holders got wind of those). But apparently, after their 180 (no DRM), pre-order numbers went up a lot (amazon has it as the top pre-order in electronics).

      • If you look at the 2013 top pre-orders (for the year so far) I think the Xbox One is around #46 with the PS4 at #4. What’s even more impressive is The Last of Us! Wow. That’s #2 for this year. Bloody awesome stuff for Naughty Dog.


      • Microsoft have one model on the Amazon pre order, they count all the ps4 packs with different bundled game separately.

        Anecdotal evidence suggests 10:1 before the u turn 8;1 after in favor of ps4

        Microsoft sees already likely planning a viral marketing war tho turn this around

  4. sheesh thats a massive thing for Sony really. Microsoft, even after the U-turn, have a huge hill to climb before they can see a clear path for Xbox One.

    • Agreed, fella. This is precisely the sort of media attention Microsoft want to avoid. The enthusiast and hardcore gamer will check out the likes of TSA and watch E3 (maybe). They already know about the u-turn but to have magazines like Edge, on the shelf for a month, with headlines like that. Ouch. Double ouch!!

      Thing is, with magazines on show in the likes of supermarkets, et al, it means people are absorbing those headlines without even picking the magazine up.

      • Ooo, here’s a perfect example. My flat-mate (who loves her Xbox 360) knows about the nasty policies that Microsoft were running with. However, she didn’t know about the u-turn until yesterday.

      • Can you rephrase that first word so I can have 2 of my ‘o’s back please? I’m not ready to lose my double-o status.

  5. I think this XBOne PS4 war has gone beyond just a console war. It’s pretty much the focal point of gamers v DRM.

    There are still things people have issues with on the XBOne (Kinect, cost, too TV focused etc…) but it’s the DRM and online connection that really blew this into something this big.

    • It was never about gaming for Microsoft, it’s was about getting an advertising box into living rooms. The amount of adverts on the already subscription paid xbox360 compared to Sony demonstrates this.

      Kinect on the Xbone takes the money making potential to new levels.

  6. It’ll be interesting to find out what the content actually looks like and if they follow up on this if it really went to press before the 180. Sony will be pleased with this no matter what.

  7. Full EDGE collection (normal issues, missing a few of the ‘specials’) myself.

    Previous covers:

    F**K:why edge swears by Microsofts new console.

    Edge admits to airbrushing Xbox Dead or Alive screens…..

    Months pass:F**KED? and inside Operation Xbox:Report on how MS are struggling with Xbox, developers leaving etc, console in dire straights etc (Xbox then went on to get Doom III, Far Cry, HL2 etc, which PS2 did’nt get).

    We’ve also seen a smashed up N64 on front cover, The Future of Xbox:Has MS console already passed it’s peak (this pre-Halo 4, Crysis 3, Far Cry 3 and any other 360 pushing game), Kinect….a 32X for 2010? etc etc

    But no, it’s yet more bad P.R for MS.I know EDGE has ‘selective’ sales figures at best, guess they are trying to drum up a little more interest with attention grabbing headline/front cover?.

  8. This will have gone to press after the 180.
    Microsoft have pissed off a lot of hardcore gamers that would usually help champion the release of a new console. Despite Microsoft’s change of heart, many gamers already made up their mind. DRM made it a very easy decision, as did the price and technical capabilities. This whole cloud gaming that Microsoft are going on about is a knee jerk reaction to Sony’s acquisition of Gaikai. The infrastructure is in place for Sony to have the equivalent service if not better than what Microsoft have to offer.

    Rant over…

    • The infrastructure really isn’t in place for Sony to have the equivalent service to Microsoft. They could certainly do, but you’re vastly underestimating Microsoft’s cloud offering, something they’ve been building for years as part of their offering for business users.

  9. WTF!?!? Edge Mag!?!? I still won’t buy that boring-as-f**k Magazine(i can’t wait for Fridays ‘Official PS Magazine’ UK tho) :P + The thing is Microsoft just showed their true colors this year. They just want to drain people for every penny they got & are not really doing it for the ‘gamers'(that is why i would love them to get out of the gaming console business, bring back SEGA or anyone else but MS) They just want the most money they can get off of people & if it wasn’t for the internet they would of got away with their DRM polices(+they will do it 1 day soon, you will see) + Yeah all companies do it for profit of course but MS goes beyond that :-/ Anyway next issue i bet Edge change their minds the gullible idiots LoL:D

    • First banned member on the site?

      • No, far from it – He has been warned about his sensationalist fanboyism (& speaking in plain English) on many an occasion though.

        This was bound to happen sooner or later.

      • JBoo just couldn’t get it! How many times was he told.

  10. I’m taking the next 3 days off work.
    “Why Amphlett?” I hear you cry. Well, my dear friends and fellow Hollywood A listers, I’m plotting out (using Google maps) all the WHSmiths around my home and I will be rearranging every magazine so that EDGE is on every row, left to right, full. I’ll then be taking photos and posting them to my twitter account.

    • Shortly being followed by Eldave0 leaving the largest trail of arson known to man :)

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