Ubisoft Hacked, Urge Users to Change Passwords

You might have heard this already, either via email or somewhere else on the web, but in case you haven’t: Ubisoft have had one of their websites exploited, allowing people to gain access to the backend of their online systems.

This means certain people have gained access to user names, email addresses and encrypted versions of the passwords stored. Fortunately, no personal payment information was compromised, so your card information will be safe.


Nonetheless, if you have accounts which use the same (or a similar) password in combination with the email address or UPlay username, then it’s a really good idea to change them. I don’t think any of my ones use the same combination, thankfully, though I’ve changed my Ubisoft password as instructed to be safe.

They have released a message and FAQ on their website, along with a forum thread to ask any questions. Ubi.com is currently down due to this attack.

Let us know if you have been affected by this hack in any way.



  1. Yeah, got the email. The link they gave me to reset my password just leads to an error page though. Seems they can’t get anything right, useless c….

  2. I was about to tweet about this asking if anyone else had the email, as it’s the same kind of angle phishing emails go for, but all the links looked legit.

  3. Got the e-mail and could reset my account password.

  4. Got it about an hour ago..
    Password changed.
    What’s the worst that can happen some gangsters nick my u play points! Bothered!!

  5. I thought this was a scam so deleted the email straight away, thanks for posting this news Blair!

  6. Did I bring this to your attention via the forum or was it coinkidink?

  7. I got the email but i don’t have a credit card and i can’t even remember the original password anyway as it was just some crummy account i had to make in order to gain access to some extra game content i was ‘entitled’ to by buying the game new..
    Well, i don’t want extra content if it means adding a potential security risk to my online profile, thanks all the same.
    I’ve requested that they delete my account completely.

  8. Got the email but was wary so I didn’t click on the link as it coulda been a phishing site.

  9. Received an email about 6pm, which was the first I heard of this. No problems so far.

  10. Didn’t even realise I had a uplay account til I received the email but changed the password anyway as looking back I must’ve made one to go online with assassins creed. So many different passwords for so much stuff does my head. Nearly everytime I log into something I have to push the forgot password button & make a new one. Pain in the god damn arse!

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