Gran Turismo 6 To Make Appearance At Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Next week’s Goodwood Festival Of Speed will have a special guest: Sony’s Gran Turismo 6.


Following this week’s GT Academy-focused demo, the racing sim will be at the English event, which takes place on the 11th to the 14th of July. A demo version of the game will make its debut at the show, with GT6 ‘pods’ in the media complex.

We’ll have Dan there reporting live from the event.

Expect more on this soon.



  1. Is it the same demo or will there be a little more?

    • no idea what’s happened to the embargo, trying to figure it out.

  2. I doubt it’ll be the academy release that’s just released, been there done it and the world has a leaderboard t-shirt. I’d guess at a new track or two using some of the cars in the E3 trailers.
    I’d love to get a GT6 prologue but that ain’t happening with full release so near….yet far!

  3. *banned from using the release word!* :P

  4. Gran Turismo 6 To Make Appearance At Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2014!

  5. Is this the first time Polyphony have had a stand at Goodwood? I wonder if it means GT6 will have the Goodwood hill climb, or maybe even Pikes Peak! Ill be touching my wood.

    • Mine too :P (I will be that is, not you…)

  6. Way better than Top Gear, Goodwood has class ;)

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