Lone Survivor Not Out In July, Says Developer

Today an advert, which appeared in trade mag MCV, showed a busy July for the PlayStation Vita. However, at least one of the games featured won’t be releasing on the date indicated.


“Just to clarify for everyone,” said the official Curve Studios Twitter account, “Lone Survivor is NOT out in July on the PS3 or Vita. This is a mistake in the Sony advert.

Lone Survivor was listed as being released for PS Vita in July. It’s now looking likely to be one of the games we’ll see in August instead.

Curve did say that Stealth Inc would make it out this month though.



  1. This is Jasper Byrne’s game right? He had a Vita testing kit on his Instagram the other day, so guess it’s still a while off.

  2. Looking forward to this!

    • Yeah, me too. Patiently waiting for it since I first saw this trailer (last year, I think) :)

  3. Looks like an interesting wee game. I’ll be adding this to my “to watch” list.

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