Win Unique Lone Survivor Prizes

We’ve got a great competition for you here! The developers that helped to bring Jasper Byrne’s Lone Survivor to PlayStation 3 and Vita, Curve Studios (who you should follow on twitter, to keep tabs on their next project), have very kindly given us the opportunity to run a competition for some great prizes.


First off, if you’re not familiar with Lone Survivor you might want to check out Gamoc’s review, where he gave the game an 8/10. It’s a survival horror game that advises that you play in the dark with headphones with Gamoc finding it thoroughly unnerving and incredibly tense. There’s also a lovely launch trailer here with some very eerie music at the start!

The competition is very simple, we want to know what you would do if you were the last man or woman on Earth. You can write this in the comments section below and also enter via Twitter by tweeting @thesixthaxis with your answer and the hashtag #TSALoneSurvivor. You must use that hastag for us to be able to see your entry!

We’ll then pick out all of our favourite answers, and from that collection hold a randomised prize draw.


So what are the prizes? Well, one person will win:

  • A Lone Survivor physical ‘edition’, which includes a PSN code for the game and the Director’s Cut full soundtrack on a faux-PS2 disc.
  • A Signed print of Lone Survivor – 200 of these were made for the PC launch and now there’s only 5 left!
  • A Sleepy Cat Plush, the first official Lone Survivor soft toy – this isn’t in production anywhere else and only 6 of these are being given away ever.

As runners up prizes, there’s also 5 more PSN codes for the game. These codes are available to any region.

There’s some great prizes available in this competition and it’s also open to anywhere that accepts international shipping from the UK. The competition will close for entry on October 20th at 17:00 BST, and the winners will be announced on the 21st. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Follow this link to see the Terms and Conditions, and, funnily enough, you can also try and enter another competition over at Curve Studios themselves for another shot at winning that plushy Sleepy Cat.



  1. Easy answer….. sit with the curtains open and fap fap fap.

    More realistic….. go to Disneyland Paris and not have to cry with being pushed out of queue

  2. I don’t have or need glasses which could break on me, so I’d find myself a good library and read to my heart’s content. “Time enough at last.”

  3. Befriend a volleyball and convince myself I would some day be rescued, then innevitably die.

  4. Find myself a German Shepard, journey to New York and recreate I am Legend.

  5. If I was the last man on Earth, I would pick a police car and drive, sirens blaring, to the nearest cemetery. I would then wait, shotgun in hand, for the first dead to rise from the ground. They would be greeted with lead and the awesome “We Like to Party”, from Vengaboys, coming from my squad car.

  6. Catch up on the backlog of games, films and tv programmes i have. Run naked through the streets cos with a body like mine even if it wasnt a criminal act they would pass a new law to stop it. Steal a boat and travel the world *oh and learn to drive a boat*.

  7. I’d say to myself that there is no point in driving yourself mad trying to stop yourself going mad from being completely and utterly alone. You might just as well give in and save your sanity for later just encase your not actually alone just a bit lost or already just plain bonkers.

  8. For the first few weeks, I’d just enjoy myself, with very little need to bother wearing pants.

    After that, I’d probably go a bit mad. Maybe make friends with a talking badger named Jeremy. Might fill the nearest swimming pool completely with Rice Krispies, just to see how much noise it makes. Jeremy would appreciate that, I think.

    Then I’d probably have an inconvenient sane moment where I panic about the electricity problem. It’ll soon fail with nobody to manage it all. So I’d download as much of the internet as I could ever need for “entertainment”, and then try and organise some sort of power source before the spending a couple of months amusing myself while Jeremy lived on the moon.

    Probably organise some sort of party for his return. The first talking badger to visit the moon? That’d be worth celebrating.

    Although really, I suspect I’d be dead within the first month. Possibly due to an “adult accident”.

  9. Go on a zombieland style search for dairy milk with oreo bars. Mmm
    And for a hobby collect as many unique cars as possible hoping for some mad max carnage

  10. I would make sure I am absolutely the last person on Earth, and make sure someone like Michael Bay is definitely be gone. Then burn down Waitrose (every single store, the John Lewis’ too), find a potent way to erm… satisfy myself, get a horse and ride shotgun (just for the sake of it), shop for free in Tesco, and travel the world using a fighter jet, speed boat and McLaren F1 to make extra sure no one like Michael Bay is still alive. If he were still alive, I’d make a film about Transformers mutilating Michael Bay (or any other stragglers), and then publicise the film on wide band radio in wait for Alien life forms to arrive.

    • Wow. What’s with the Waitrose hate? I love Waitrose!

      • They falsely accused me of shoplifting when I was a four year regular customer with them.

        I’ve also found them a little hypocritical as they’ve never offered the stellar service they claim to offer.

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