TSAtv Newsdesk #3: Tokyo Jungle Mobile, Warrior’s Lair, and Mattrick’s Move

Apologies for the slightly later-than-usual arrival, but episode three of TSA’s new(ish) weekly games news video roundup thing is now live! This week there’s talk of a Demon’s Souls follow-up, some new PlayStation Mobile announcements, and the Xbox One’s late launch in Japan. As ever, we hope you enjoy the show, and feel free to leave us feedback here in the comments, over on Twitter or Facebook.

It’s also the final week to enter our Newsdesk launch competition, where you can win a whole bunch of gaming loveliness – just subscribe to our YouTube channel, then leave a comment underneath the episode video on YouTube itself. As always, the TSA terms and conditions apply.



  1. I’ve been a bit behind the curve this week so Josh’s script for me to do the Newsdesk voice over was the first I’d heard of Tokyo Jungle’s mobile game. That might be very exciting, yeah? Looking forward to pissing up things while I’m out and about, anyway.

  2. Nice round up as usual Peter.

  3. once again, awesome!! =D

  4. Really good, again. One thing that would be great – a list of links underneath so people can read more about each story – TSA had covered (I think) 100% of the stuff in the vid, and pointers to posts on each subject would be really handy I think.

    But yeah, excellent.

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • That’s a good idea, if you could do it in the description on the YouTube page too that would be handy. I get a subscription email and tend to have followed that link to the video before I see this article here, I’m sure you’ll pick up a few YouTube only fans who will get to the video that way too so links on there will keep them happy if they’re lazy!

  5. Just watched this weeks and last weeks. A great way to catch up on the gaming news.

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