TSAtv Newsdesk #23: Xbox One Launch, Gran Turismo 6 & Next-Gen Rumours

The next generation has finally arrived in Europe with the launch of the Xbox One, and this week’s Newsdesk is packed with news and rumours for the new machines, as well as what’s still to come on PS3 and Xbox 360.


We’ve got word of Final Fantasy HD release plans and PS4 launch apps, talk of next month’s VGX event, and the latest Crash Bandicoot rumblings. All that, plus the latest UK games chart, and news on PSN releases for the next couple of weeks.

As ever, we hope you enjoy the show, and feel free to leave us feedback here in the comments, over on Twitter or on Facebook.



  1. Great desk, loved the GT6 snippet..it’s close. Couldn’t decipher whether that racer in the last minute of the video was Forza or Rivals though.

  2. Very nice, and good to see some midnight XBox launch footage! Two guys at work have been talking about theirs today, both were unaware of the launch update and that the Forza bundle didn’t come with a physical copy, so they’ve been mighty pissed at the gigantic download made worse by their crap Internet speeds. I hope the PS4 is in some way playable offline, straight out of the box, plenty of other people won’t be aware of that XBox update and with slow enough Internet it would really spoil the experience.

  3. Do love this newsdesk, so well produced and it makes for perfect Sunday morning viewing. My only gripe is the highly noisy and irritating intro.
    Roll on Friday when I finish work. Ps4 should be waiting for me when I get home from work.

    • Touché. Don’t get me wrong guys, Newsdesk is spot on, but I find myself in a sudden panic covering the microphone on my phone when that intro kicks in. I think I might record it & use it as my alarm clock tone. There’s no way on this planet I’d ever oversleep again! :)

      • It’s like Pacman on steroids eating too many Tic-Tac’s & going ape sh*t in my ear hole! Lol

  4. Enjoyed that :-)

  5. I guess I missed the news about the Lego Hobbit game, so got that to look forward to now!

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