TSAtv Newsdesk #26: No Man’s Sky, Game of Thrones, & Tales of Zestiria

It’s nearly Christmas, and what have we done? We’ve brought you twenty-six weeks – six whole months – of weekly gaming news roundups in the form of Newsdesk. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it, and while this is the last show before we take a bit of a break over the holiday season, we’ll be back in the new year, so try not to miss us too much.


But before all of that we’ve got a packed show for you, as the industry gives us one last week of news before everyone downs tools and goes home for a bit, and that includes new game announcements from Telltale, Hello Games, Crystal Dynamics, VooFoo and more. There’s also sneaky first glimpses at Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars, a tactical shooter named H-Hour, the first news on a new PS4 and Vita survival horror game, the latest UK games charts, and more.

As we’re working over the holiday on what the next run of Newsdesk will look like, we’d love to get your feedback on what we’ve done so far – please feel free to comment below, or get in contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

And all that remains is to wish you all Happy Holidays from the Newsdesk team!



  1. To all involved on Newsdesk have a merry Christmas. Thanks for the great weekly updates that have become a great party of my Sunday mornings.

  2. Who cares?! Blair, our very own editor at TSA, has found his real dad!

    Still… lovely Newsdesk. :-)

  3. What’s been done so far has been great, informative, entertaining and to the point. I’ve certainly enjoyed watching them every Sunday. Keep up the good work chaps ;)

  4. i was pretty surprised when i found out Telltale were making a Borderlands game, though i can’t wait to see what they do with it, and Game of Thrones.

    i bet Telltale show more respect to Gearbox’s IP than Gearbox do with other companies IPs.

    mind you they could wipe their arse with the IP and show more respect to another companies IPs than gearbox do.

    but, i’d really like to see Telltale take on something like Family Guy or The Simpsons.
    make a game that really conveys the humour of those shows, rather than making yet another generic platform game.

    or, how about Red Dwarf.

    Telltale doing Red Dwarf, get Rob Grant and/or Doug Naylor involved with the writing and the original cast for the voices.
    that could be awesome.
    they could do some of the stuff they do in the tie in novels, stuff they could never afford to do on the tv show’s budget.

    and no more newsdesk till the new year?

    awww, there go my sunday mornings for the next few weeks.
    :( sad face.

    • I think Telltale should make a detective style game, something like Sherlock or Tintin. Or WW2 game, something like Band of Brothers could be awesome too.

      • Sam & Max was a detective game… ;-)

  5. Well done to all the Newsdesk team for everything so far, have a great Xmas and enjoy the break!

  6. Top job again, TSA was a good find when I was thinking about getting the PS4, thanks for all the effort you guys put in /thumbsup.

  7. Ah, very nice, another triumphant News Desk and congratulations on keeping it going guys! I can imagine putting it together regularly is way more time consuming than the other weekly articles. Just one thing, on the front page I think News Desk deserves a prominent big box on the right hand pane, instead of just a little one on the left hand list, its that good :)

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