TSAtv NewsDesk #22: Uncharted, Shadow of Mordor And PlayStation Bundles

The latest episode of TSAtv Newsdesk recaps the big news surrounding the PlayStation 4’s North American launch, some news about Microsoft’s Games with Gold promotion, PlayStation Plus content for the future and all the other hot topics from a week of videogame news.



  1. Hi :-D

    Another good news round up thanks.

  2. Nice one guys. So close now I can smell that new console smell :-D

  3. i really hope i can add the PS4 Plus titles to my download list before i get a PS4, because they’re giving some games away that i’d really like in the first months, and i know i won’t get a PS4 in time to get them, probably not until some time next year.

    i’m glad to see Amazon doing PSN content through their storefront, one if the main issues i have with console online stores is the monopoly position they hold, not like PC where there is a wide choice of stores.

    maybe now we’ll get some more competitive prices for some titles, looking at you ea. O_O

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    my last comment wouldn’t show up and copying and pasting it to try again it got a duplicate comment message.

    had this problem a few months back but you got it sorted.

    • well this one’s showing up so i guess it tripped the filter for some reason.

      • heh, oops… yes, it had found its way into spam but I booted it back out.

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