DualShock 4’s Massive Room-Illuminating MegaBulb Can’t Be Turned Off

How are you feeling? Sat down? Nervous? Well, here goes: that light on the back of the DualShock 4? That console-defining, highly branded focal point that everyone seems to love, especially developers? You can’t switch it off. Well, you can – it turns off when the PS4 is off, but you can’t have it switched off during a game. Or a movie, or when you’re doing anything else on the console.


Yup, according to Shuhei Yoshida [via] that light’s going to be on all the time. Whether this is a hangover from when the camera was (presumably) part of the system or not isn’t clear, but it doesn’t look like it’s an option.

Of course, this isn’t really an issue. If you’re worried about keeping everyone else awake with the dancing blue bulb late at night as you blast your way through Killzone, chances are you should be slightly more concerned that the TV is on. And the speakers. And that the thumbsticks are clack-clacking around like a demented duck.

Ways you can prevent that light from ruining your life:

  • Put some tape over it
  • Smash it to pieces, although this might not be a great idea
  • Channel it, via a series of tubes, into lighting your entire street
  • Put it behind your hand and pretend you’re E.T.
  • Power your central heating

Those are Peter’s legs in the video. Shiny.



  1. If the developers get these lights right it should be good. If the whole room lights up red when your getting shot, which will be a certainty with my gaming it’ll be like living i’m a brothel to the neighbours.

  2. doh

  3. The “battery indicater over the clock” of the PS4.

  4. I just hope it doesn’t eat up the battery of the controller.

  5. A light that substantial will surely run the battery down pretty quick.

    Its going to constantly be on charge.

  6. Bit of a misleading title. Its like the Move controller, foggy so its just a glow.

    I would expect them to have the light go off when your watching a movie/show. Surely you can just turn the contoller off too like you can now.

    Devs can turn it off too.

  7. Anyone though that this can be used in games for atmosphere.
    I.e a game like dead space, just walking along light on, then suddenly games lights go off and so does the DS4. Just things like that give it an extra use which would be nice and unprecedented

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