Matter Of Perspective: Gravity Rush

There have been many times in history where militaries have taken control of their cities or nations in the name of security. Invoking martial law like this happens in a number of situations, from civil unrest to war, as a way of maintaining control. In Gravity Rush the military seize control because of a mix of Hekseville being in a state of war and the appearance of unprecedented beings with power.

But I’m jumping too far ahead into Gravity Rush’s story and the eventual military takeover of Hekseville. Instead the reasons why such actions were unavoidable need to be addressed. The state of war that Hekseville’s in isn’t a conventional conflict but instead one between the humans and the strange creatures known as the Nevi, who appeared at the same time as the gravity storms.

[drop]At around the same time Kat and Raven also appeared; two beings that hold the power to manipulate gravity. They were the main reason the military didn’t immediately try to take absolute control in response to the threat from the Nevi, Kat and Raven had enough power to combat the Nevi on their own.


When both girls arrive on the scene the military are almost nowhere to be seen. Instead the police are the main protectors of the city and at this point the Nevi are nothing more than an occasional nuisance with the real danger being Alias, who looks to steal the city’s Sacred Gems. Thieves lie in the jurisdiction of the police, so they work with Kat to take him down.

Of course the military doesn’t just sit back happily and allow the girls to defend Hekseville. Instead they secretly monitor them and try to find the source of their powers to use as a weapon for their own advantage. It seems like a dirty, underhanded way to act but it is also the only real choice that Hekseville’s military had.

However, Raven is unwilling to cooperate and Kat doesn’t know how her powers work, although I don’t think she’d be willing to give such a weapon to the military either. Even so, Hekseville’s military has a duty to find any weapon or source of power it can use to hold back the Nevi creatures and to protect the people against the threat of losing their homes, which does happen as various parts of the world disappear.

The military are taking the practical approach in assessing the danger both the Nevi and the gravity queens present to the people of Hekseville. The Nevi army could easily grow to dangerous numbers, while both Kat and Raven could turn against the people at any time, wreaking havoc. The army also takes into account that Kat and Raven will not be around forever.

This loss occurs much quicker than anyone really anticipated when both Kat and Raven plunge toward the end of the world and find the lost children in the forgotten town of Boutoume. Here time flows differently and while it only seems like a couple of days have passed to Kat, in Hekseville a year passes without the presence of the city’s new protectors. The military had to really step up in the wake of Kat and Raven’s disappearance.

[drop2]Without the girls there the Nevi grow much stronger and the attacks on Hekseville grow more frequent. Ignoring the danger would be suicide so the military did the only thing they could – take control. Faced with a deadly and unpredictable menace they use everything they can to survive, including utilising a Nevi core for their own super weapon.

When Kat discovers what the military used to power their super weapon she instantly condemns the action. Of course by this point control of the super weapon has been lost and it is firing on Hekseville, with the Nevi core apparently in control of it.

However, it was desperation that led to the Hekseville authority using the Nevi core as a power source. Their home was in very real danger of being consumed by the Nevi and the military enacted things like martial law because the threat was too great. When they discovered that the Nevi core would help in a fight against their enemy of course they took that chance. It was either that or perish.

Although Kat is quick to condemn, she doesn’t truly realise how much of an impact she had on Hekseville. She was a protector, fighting and turning the tide against the Nevi incursion as well as getting rid of the city’s major villains. Hekseville became dependent on her, and when she disappeared she left a hole big enough for the Nevi to crawl through.

Though we are presented with Kat’s view of how the military takeover appears to be bad for the city, with people complaining about the changes and Kat’s own thoughts, the real truth is that it was a necessary measure. Look at it this way, when the military was much more relaxed chunks of Hekseville were torn away by the Gravity Storms and trapped behind an army of Nevi. Kat brought those places back and then disappeared.

The military knew that these events could happen again so stepped up everything to ensure the people were safe from the Nevi threat. There was no malice when the commands were issued to put a military presence on the street and to increase their power. After all when their superhero disappeared Hekseville’s citizens were open to attack. Instead of crumbling, they grew stronger to survive and fight, doing what they deemed necessary.



  1. I like this article, thanks! Great to see a different perspective of what took place during the story. The author makes some very good points. *Spoilers* I do however think the military could have been a lot smarter in their approach to working with the two super heroes though, they offered them no flexibility. Essentially telling someone who has done so much for the city already, “Become our weapon / slave or you will become our enemy,” you’d think a leader with some intelligence would try harder to win her over as an ally and work together.

    There was no attempt at negotiation, no compromise. There was nothing to indicate these two super heroes would turn on the city, sure have a plan ready in place if they do, but don’t actively make them an enemy when you already have so many, that’s just suicidal and foolish.

    By far one of the Vita’s best games I think, I wonder if they will make a sequel.

    I’ve been reading this site for ages, but this is my first post. Hello thesixthaxis! :)

    • Welcome Lieutenant. *salutes*
      Aran I love these Articles, always very thought-provoking and well reasoned. Really enjoyed GR too, so double-bonus!

      • Thanks mate. I enjoy writing them.

  2. exactly, it’s naive to think the mils will not do anything else

  3. This actually rounded off the story more completely than the game. Perhaps if we do get a sequel the story will be more robust in how it is told.

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