Podcast: Episode 104 – Headsets, Halo 4 and Wheelman

I’ll be perfectly honest, there nearly wasn’t a podcast this week. In fact I’d resigned myself to the fact that it wasn’t going to happen when friend of the site Peter Willington popped up on my Twitter and shouted at me until I agreed to do a cut down episode with him, which ended up at just over 30 minutes long.

Peter was so eager that he took over hosting duties, which was a rather nice break for me. With his professional manner and rapid fire style we breezed through the week’s news stories in no time, before moving on to what we’d been up to.

It was here that I relayed my trials and tribulations in Halo 4’s multiplayer, as well as talking about Turtle Beach’s PX22 Headset which I currently have for review. Peter’s been visiting a somewhat older game in the form of Wheelman, the Vin Diesel focused driving game. He describes it as “the best game ever”, although you’ll have to listen to find out way. He’s convinced me though.

Peter even provided a thoroughly challenging quiz, although it is just three questions long. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to get into your questions, so I’m saving them up for episode 105.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. In the nicest possible way, that was much better than I was expecting. I thought that with only two people and only short it would be a bit blunt and bland but it wasn’t at all. It was quite refreshing to have a very different podcast and I think Peter did a great job of hosting. However, please don’t ever consider ditching the madness that is the regular podcast!

  2. Same here. I thought this would be let down but it’s good. Not as great, as the main team podcasts, but good :) The Wheelman is a bad game, not as bad as the new Fast and Furious game, but nevertheless it’s a bad game. Do not let yourself be fooled by Peter :P
    This reminds me I forgot to comment the last podcast, which I really wanted to, due to the fact that Kris dared to make fun of turn based jRPGs (especially Final Fantasy, what caused me to shout. “Ooo! Hell no! You did not say, what I heard you say! Take that back young man!”). Damn :(

  3. A splendid podcast! Very coherent to the normally mad ramblings.

    Have to say wheelman sounds like the 90’s on steroids as imagined by Michael Bay just as he was running out of cocaine.

  4. Congratulations Willington, I’ve been trying to get Kris to do a 30 minute podcast for years!

  5. Peter Willington is one funny fucker. Slight batshit crazy, but definitely funny, really enjoyed this episode. Get him on more regularly please :).

    Kris: One point of (possible) correction, I thought TSA posted an article from Sony saying they didn’t remove the eye to reduce cost, and that it was decided well in advance of E3. Also, they said they had no way of knowing what price MS would use until their event. But yes, valid point about bundling a game that needs a device that isn’t bundled… kind of weird.

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