The Making Of Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream’s PS3 exclusive due for release later this year, is a spiritual follow-up to Heavy Rain, the studio’s last game.


We’ve played it extensively – click here for our latest impressions – and it looks set to click directly with fans of the previous title.

The video above, apparently new today, is an in-depth making off.



  1. You know what? I think this might trump The Last Of Us.

  2. I’m still a little worried about this. I really enjoyed Heavy Rain, but this hasn’t won me over yet.

  3. What a great video, really looking forward to this. It makes me happy that I can think of a couple of friends who aren’t big gamers but who would absolutely love this game and I’m definitely going to recommend it to them.

  4. Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. Now this. I cannot wait!

  5. I love what Quantic Dream are doing and i can’t wait to play this.

  6. Did David Cage have to ban, from the studios and surrounding environs, any brunette, hair-pulled-back 14 yr olds that looked a tad like they were on the run mutated fungus bar stewards, in case Ellen Page, the 26 yr old actress, got a little concerned that they looked alike?

  7. So what are we upto now

    Beyond: Two Souls + GT6 + GTAV = PS4 who?
    Not to mention Destiny, AC4, Watch Dogs etc also being available on PS3.

    • All depends if those games interest you to be honest. For example, I couldn’t care less for GT6, Watch Dogs and AC4!

  8. Don’t think it’s going to top The Last Of Us. Cage is obviously very talented, but the man does not understand subtlety. Playing Heavy Rain, I could almost hear him screaming: ‘THE EMOTIONS! DO YOU FEEL THEM?!’

  9. Love. Love. Love. Cannot wait.

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