WeView: Crysis 3

Crysis 3 sits unopened, untouched on my shelf of games. I’m sure it’s good – I really enjoyed the second instalment in the series – but I had honestly forgotten about it, only noticing it for the first time in months the other day.

To be honest, I should really play it and I eventually will – I even played a pre-release version at an event, which I enjoyed. And now you have the chance to convince me to invest time in it, or to push me away from it, in this week’s WeView.


The game takes place 24 years after its predecessor, with New York City now a rainforest filled with overgrown plant life, and focuses more on the hunting side of things than blasting all the enemies with your rifle, although you’re able to do that if you wish. That’s where the bow comes into play – a powerful, silent piece of equipment that changes the way you take down enemies.

We didn’t actually review or even write much about the game when it released in February, but the game was well received elsewhere, with a Metacritic rating of 77 on PS3.

OXM’s review was one of the best around, with a choose-your-own adventure vibe, changing the score depending on the questions you answered. A really original idea, which paid off – showing that reviews for games like this may not apply to everyone. It’s maybe not a method for all games, however.

Eurogamer’s review however was much more straightforward. They awarded the game a 7/10, praising the tactical gameplay but stating that it failed in the story department, concluding with:

The story’s over, then, and the Nanosuit’s had what might be its final airing: is this the conclusion the Crysis series deserves? Not quite: that true panoramic freedom is still missing in action, the campaign’s rather undernourished as it rushes you into the final act and the fiction feels increasingly forgettable. There are charms here, though, if you boot up the tactical display and stick to the shadows. There’s the silent kill in glorious surroundings; there’s the swish of an arrow, the creak of a bow.

So, you’ve seen what others have said about the game, but what did you think? Did you love sneaking around with the bow or did you bore of it easily, yearning for a better campaign in the process?

Well, let us know what you think. Simply drop a comment below with a short review of the game. Remember to put a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating on the end. If you get your comments in by Sunday, then you’ll have a chance at being included in next week’s WeView Verdict round-up.



  1. Well for me, when a game tries to tell a story, the story has to be a good one that keeps the player engaged and interested in what’s going on.

    In Crysis 2, I found the story uninteresting and uninspired for the first few hours, I gave it a chance and it just did nothing for me. Hearing that the story to the sequel is also very forgettable, I can tell you that I did avoid it!

    This is the team that has the TimeSplitters licence and refuse to use it isn’t it? One of my favourite FPS games ever. They should bring that back, it was infinitely more enjoyable, so much so that it didn’t need a story.

    • Honestly, the best thing they could do with the Timesplitters license is sell it to someone like Valve

      • Very true, we can only hope!

  2. Looking forward to the verdict, as I enjoyed Crysis 2, but I think only because I managed to buy it used and very very cheap.

  3. Also looking forward to seeing what people think of it. Although I didn’t enjoy the story to the second one the nanosuit was amazing to play with, and I really enjoyed the online side of things, so I’ll be easily persuaded.

  4. I remember playing it and really enjoying it at the time, but don’t really remember the story.
    The other problem I had with it is that it seemed to want you to be stealthy most of the time, but I just ended up in a firefight after getting past a few enemies. I suspect that was my lack of skill rather than the game but still slightly annoying at times.
    If you enjoyed the first two (which I did), then you’ll enjoy this one (which I also did).
    Buy It – it’s almost bargain bin price anyway.

  5. My experience of the Crysis games is that they are competent shooters with some cool tech, just don’t expect to be drawn in by the storyline or characters.
    Bargain Bin it.

  6. I’m afraid I’m going to be harsh with this one as it was my biggest let down since Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (a game so insipid I had to turn to Google for the name because I’d forgotten it).

    I know all the ranting about amazing visuals was really aimed at the PC version but I didn’t expect the console version to be so bland. After the first level on the docks and once I’d gotten over my initial “Oh, an over grown New York. Cool” moment I kept waiting for some more new environments or scenery but nope. That’s 95% of what you’re going to get for the whole rest of the game. By the time I was a third of the way in, it was already starting to feel like a grind. The same enemies. The same environments over and over and zzzzzzzzz…”.

    I kept playing because I paid full price for it, not because I wanted to finish it. The same day I finished it I traded it in. My final verdict is Avoid It but I’ll add if you absolutely have to see how the story goes, try to borrow it rather than spend money on it.

  7. Meaningless story. Only gimmicks. However, the gameplay is good and enjoyable. The game is short though.

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