DOTA 2 Comes Out Of Beta

Valve’s definitive take on the MOBA genre, DOTA 2, is finally out of beta after two years of testing. However, players wanting to get in on the action will still have to jump through one last hoop.

Available on PC via Steam, new users will have to sign up for DOTA 2 with Valve procedurally allowing entry. The aim is to “get people in as quickly as possible” without rushing or overloading the game’s servers.


For those in the dark, DOTA 2 -or Defence of the Ancients 2- is a multiplayer arena game boiling the traditional RTS formula down to its bare bones. The result is a highly complex, extremely competitive game that has already attracted millions.

Take it from me personally, unless you’ve already played League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth, DOTA 2 will feel like a completely new experience. However this sense is immediately outweighed by how tough and demanding the game can be. Prepare to spend a good few hours getting your ass handed to you before getting your bearings. It’s arduous, sure, but once you’ve reached a certain point, the pain will all have been worth it.

Don’t be put off, however; there really is no better to jump into DOTA 2. The game’s community is littered with friendly folk, most of which are happy to mentor new players and there is even an all-new cluster of tutorials available. Not only that, DOTA 2’s biggest tournament, The International 2013, kicks off in less than a month.

We’ll give you a more in-depth look at DOTA 2 in the near future. It’s easily one of the most important game launches of the year that everyone should be paying attention to, not just the PC elite.



  1. Is it F2P or do we need to pay up now? Do we with beta access get entry at once?

    • Should be completely free and is already open to those who were in the beta.

  2. League of Legends keeps me occupied in the MOBA department and there’s just not enough time for both!

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