Latest Xbox Update Results In Higher Prices For Games

Beta testers for the latest Microsoft Xbox 360 dashboard are reporting today that the games are now more expensive. As a result of Microsoft finally moving towards real cash values for games (rather than the always slightly vague MSP, Microsoft Points) games – at least in the UK – will cost more.


Games that cost 400 MSP yesterday, which was around £3.20, now cost £4.49. 800 MSP games are now £8.99 from £6.80, a fair jump. 1200 MSP games are now £11.99 (from £10.20) and 1600 MSP games are now a penny under fifteen quid, a jump of about £1.40.

Quite how Microsoft are justifying such hefty rises is anyone’s guess, but we’d imagine it’s all to do with currency enchange rates, which don’t favour the pound just now. It’s also worth noting that Xbox 360 games are now broadly in line with their previously more expensive PSN equivalents.

And if you’re Canadian? Your games are now cheaper.



  1. I’ve got this to look forward to when I purchase The Walking Dead 400 Days then… :P

  2. I hate intermediate currencies. It’s just an obfuscation of the real price which, annoyingly, works on our feeble minds. It also allows unannounced price rises.

  3. I don’t see the fuss, its more close to how PSN games are priced.

  4. Bit annoying but I guess that’s fair enough. For years the PSN has been more expensive than the 360 so its only right that the XBL store is adjusted to match the competition.
    Gives me the push to download that Gears 3 season pass now rather than later too.. lol

  5. Is it really M$ doing everything wrong and Sony everything right or I have become a fanfoy and I am just making it all up?

    • Your a fanboy because you used M$ which we would prefer if you didn’t use.

  6. So instead of having the games remain the same price, they have decided to up the prices. They do realise that they could helped to reverse the damage done to them by their piss poor handling of the X1’s announcement, right? As they should have just let the prices remain the same as I can see a backlash happening against them due to the higher prices. On the plus side, no more MS points! \o/ From what i’ve heard, it was a rubbish system and confusing.

  7. Microsoft spin: “we have been discounting titles for many years under the points system, but listening to our customers….” blah blah blah.

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