Looks Like Insomniac’s New Game Is Ratchet And Clank: Into The Nexus For PS3

Sony have been teasing something for a couple of days, and Insomniac chipped in today with a few sneaky tweets. Basically, the pre-reveal campaign revolved around a mysterious picture of an eclipse with the words “When Worlds Collide” underneath.


Insomniac appearing prompted further discussion though, and that resulted in smart folk finding out what the game is, a day before its official (we assume) reveal. So, When Worlds Collide is – apparently – a Ratchet and Clank game, dubbed Into The Nexus.

Of course, we still know little about the game, and there’s still scope for tomorrow’s reveal to impress. It’s presumably being handled by the Californian studio in-house, but having one of their community team playing the game online has seemingly led to a slightly premature outing.

Note that there was a previously developed Ratchet and Clank game just called Nexus that never made it out – originally planned for PS2, could this be a HD version of that?

Source: NeoGAF.



  1. Good thing I didn’t hype myself for this one.

    • Agreed. Got to say I very disappointed and would have preferred something Dust related to Ratchet and Clank which have only vaguely ever captured my interest.

  2. That’s assuming that is the game they’re revealing. Though games con is for ps4 mainly this year so ps3 reveals will most likely be before

  3. :-( I was hoping for Tekken X Street Fighter

  4. I hope it’s a nexus that leads to Jak & Daxter..
    Don’t get me wrong, i love the R&C games, the ‘proper’ ones at least but i also love the cheeky comedy stylings of Daxter and i would love to see him brought to life on PS3.
    ..And because someone mentioned a possible cross-over in the previous article’s comments and now i’ve gotten my hopes up.. :)

    • Didn’t we already get a crossover?

      Playstation Move Heroes? I didn’t actually play that mind you, but that’s what I thought it was?

      • I mean a cross-over but still a ‘proper’ game ;)

  5. I’m a wee bit disappointed that it’s likely a R & C game. I was hoping that it would be something “special”. :(

    • Yeah. Sorry Sony R&C just ain’t that interesting an IP.

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