As The PS4 Looms, Sony Is Still Pushing PS3 Hard

As the photo above indicates, snapped from this month’s Edge magazine but almost certainly appearing across multiple outlets, Sony are still happy to really push the PS3, at least through until the all important Christmas period.


“The time to own a PlayStation 3 is now” the advert sings.

It’s likely we’ll see a further price-cut later this year, perhaps at Gamescom but more likely just before the PlayStation 4 appears, which is expected in November.

Until then, the ad lists AAA titles like The Last Of Us, God of War, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Beyond: Two Souls, Batman and Gran Turismo 6, the latter just with a tentative ‘Christmas’ release date, the rest much more confident, if they’re not already on the shelves.

With some killer games still to come – and that list doesn’t include potential greats like Puppeteer – it’s obvious why Sony are still wanting to showcase what their current-gen device can do. But it’s good to see that as the PS4 looms, Sony’s big black PS3 can still push the great games out.

It’s a strong line-up, certainly more buoyant than that of the Wii U (which is perhaps the aim of the advert) and with exclusives the 360 could only dream of.



  1. PS3’s strongest ever year is unselling me a PS4 at launch, I was nailed on for launch but now doubtful

    GTAV, GT6, Beyond: Two Souls + all the Watch Dogs, Destiny, CoD, AC4 etc… Vs what? A variable quality sounding Driveclub & errm?

    This is a problem Microsoft don’t have with the likes of Forza 5 Vs nothing on 360 that isn’t on Xbone

    • That’s hardly helping MS though is it. IF you’re deciding whether to upgrade you can easily wait based on the ps3 coming out but if you want to upgrade there is still as much on the ps4 as there is on the xb1 (plus the ps4 hardware advantages, vita linkup etc…). I’m not convinced Sony has finished their launch lineup announcements either. 360 does still have games coming with the big multiplatform titles like Watch Dogs, GTA V, Black Flag, COD Ghosts etc… Forza 5 alone isn’t enough of a reason to upgrade from a 360

      PS4 vs XB1 = PS4 win
      Next Gen vs PS3 = PS3 win
      360 vs XB1 = ???

      Sony is going to take a lot of money this Christmas. This must worry MS; Nintendo must be seriously concerned.

      • Be interesting to see how multi-format games stack up. If they’re prettier on Xbox One, etc, the PS4 might have a bit of a hill, and these PS3 games don’t help.

        It’s a far easier decision for Xbox fans to upgrade than PS fans, IMO.

      • That’s assuming 360 owners are upgrading the XB1. Maybe easier choice to upgrade, I’m not so sure XB1 is where they’ll all be heading

      • How would the XBox One multiplats look better on the PS4, which has a significantly more powerful GPU and better RAM?
        Also, I wouldn’t count on all these cross gen titles. I’m sure the experience will be a lot better on next gen consoles. Unless you are fine with a lesser version, there’s not really a choice.

      • Yeah, I don’t see how a multi platform title could look prettier on Xbox One compared to PS4. It’s not like the current gen where Xbox has better use of its RAM compared to PS3. If anything it will be the other way round this time id imagine.

    • I’ll be getting all the ps3 games but as for multiplats no way in hell am I getting ps3 versions if a ps4 version is out.

  2. I want ps4 but am not seeing what is on offer where as Xbox one I know what is on offer forza5 halo gears more than likely a possible crackdown. I wasn’t even arsed when they said it needs to call home every 24hrs. Am on the fence at the moment so Sony/retailers announce your game and bundles and hurry about it already

    • Forza 5 at launch but Halo is late 2014 at best, Gears is meant to be even further off and Crackdown unconfirmed. Not exactly a reason to buy it now. PS4 has Killzone at launch, then InFamous, early 2014, The Order 1866 later in 2014 (which are included in the 30 exclusives they’re releasing in the first year) plus whatever the likes of Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream etc… are working on.

      Launch wise there is Forza, Dead Rising 3, Ryse and possibly Sunset Overdrive – it’s not that inspiring. PS4 is about level with that with Killzone, DriveClub, Knack, Warframe, Blacklight, DC Universe etc..

      Their launch lineups are still heavily reliant on the cross generation games.

      • Isn’t war thunder coming to ps4 as well which really is fun . As i say on the fence at the momemnt I would love to buy both but the missus isnt going to let me part with a grand for both consoles and there again I may just buy what ever decent graphic card is required to play BF4 .So on the fence i have splinters in my arse

  3. Damn right. PS3 is here to stay. Well at least in my bedroom with my PS4 to reside in my living room :-)

  4. Sony really are giving the love to the PS3 right now and look set to continue to do so well into 2014. You could be cynical and say – well yeah, they’re just milking a cash cow, but I think the policy of supporting the platform even after it’s successor is released is a terrific move by Sony. I think they’ll see a lot of success especially if they drop the price in time for Christmas.

    Better this than to just kill it off as MS have a history of doing.

  5. Excellent, i dare say there won’t be enough on PS4 at launch to keep me going so i’ll be jumping between both consoles for my fix.

    • Aye… I’m actually coming around to that although I’m half thinking about waiting. I have oodles of truly wonderful games to play and they’re not just going to go away when I buy a PS4. Perhaps I could pick up Sony’s new beastie in the new year instead. Either way, the love shown to the PS3 in the twilight years is staggering.

      • So will you buy Watch Dogs for PS3 and then buy it again for PS4?

      • No matey… I have too much good stuff here already! *points to FarCry 3, finishing off Hitman Absolution, finishing off Bioshock Infinite and possibly starting Dishonoured soon*

        With that in mind, the knock on effect (and me being a grown-up about my gaming time) means that I’ll probably have Beyond, Rain, Puppeteer to play as the PS4 comes out. Spangly titles like Watch Dogs can wait and will be on the PS4, for me. I’m one of those “oh… I don’t want a visually compromised game if I can help it” type folk so won’t buy it for the PS3. Either for PC or PS4 but it’s 3rd person so PS4 sounds perfect (ie. no real need for keyboard & mouse)!

        My biggest problem, from a hardcore gamer’s perspective, is that I drop everything to play with friends online (or local co-op with Hannypoppie here). Nothing can beat that so the single player experiences often wait. :-)

      • Ah, i see – i thought you were chomping at the bit for both PS4 and Watch Dogs, is all. I won’t be able to resist the shiny new PS4 but it makes sense to squeeze the last of the ‘creamy goodness’ out of your PS3 first of course! ;)

      • I promise to do that with all things I love. *raises eyebrow* ;-)

  6. Launch consoles usually have only a couple of good games so the PS3 will be providing the entertainment whilst devs churn out PS4 games.

  7. There’s loads of big games coming this year for the PS3 and I can see the same for next year, although it’s certain to tail off as the install base of PS4 increases.
    I’m sure I read somewhere that a Sony Exec said the PS4 wasn’t a replacement for PS3 but was there to compliment it.

  8. I was dead set on a PS4 for launch day. However, with the lineup on PS3 at the moment I am toying with the idea of cancelling my pre-order.
    Hell, GTA 5 alone will keep me entertained for several months.

    Saying that, as the launch looms ever nearer I may be unable to resist new and shiny.

  9. Theyre trying to combat Don’s last bow of ‘buy a 360 if you don’t have teh Internet!’

  10. I’d already decided delay getting a PS4 so I can play through my backlog of PS3 games. I’m gonna to buy a Vita and play all of the PS+ games I’ve been stockpiling and get the PS4 sometime next year

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