New Assassin’s Creed IV Trailer Highlights The Pirate Life

Ubisoft have just released a new trailer for Assassin’s Creed IV which shows off the life of piracy including drinking, singing and killing. Take a look.

The trailer shows protagonist Edward Kenway sailing with Blackbeard and going against various groups, including British soldiers if the uniforms are anything to go by. There are snippets of gameplay which show Edward fighting and jumping from one ship to another. It looks like fort battles will make a return this time too, though they appear to be expanded with an initial naval assault leading to taking the fort on foot.

A special Buccaneer Edition is also revealed during the trailer. Exclusive to GAME it will include three extra single player missions, an in game weapon set titled Captain Kenway’s Legacy, a copy of the game soundtrack, an Edward Kenway figure, the artbook and two lithographs. All of this will be presented in box made to look like a treasure chest.

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag will release on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game will release on current gen machines and the Wii U on November 1st, while the next gen release date is still unknown.

Source: Youtube



  1. If I’m honest I found the trailer rather underwhelming, but that might be more to do with my tiredness of the franchise rather than the pirate theme.

  2. End of trailer has a pic of the PS4 version and the date beside it November 1st could the PS4 be releasing at the end of October, maybe the middle?!

    • Apparently it’s not unheard of for next gen games to go on sale before the console so who knows?

  3. I agree with Youles. It’s not a good setting for an AC game.

  4. We will finally get the pirate game we were all looking for

  5. I hope it’s not as poo as AC3 and has more ‘Ezio’ style content. I found the AC3 pirate content a borefest too, would’ve watched a video of Captain Pugwash if I’d known about the pirate content.

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