Ancel Suggests Move Away From Rayman to Focus on Beyond Good & Evil 2

Rayman Legends might be the last Rayman game that Michel Ancel is involved in – for a good while anyway – in order to focus on Beyond Good & Evil 2, suggesting that it could be announced fully within the next year.

Speaking to Videogamer, he says that they can’t talk about the game too much right now “just to avoid disappointing people”, as they previously managed by releasing the above trailer five years ago without following it up. He continues with “yes, we think that now the time could come to make this kind of game” describing it as “very ambitious” in the process.

He’s prepared to devote a few years to the sequel, so don’t expect it any time soon, suggesting it would be at least three years before the game saw light:

If the team, the company and the hardware are there, I believe that we can take three more years of our life… and just [make] the game.

It’s really hard to tell what’s actually happening with Beyond Good & Evil 2 – it has been reported to be far in development before, but this makes it sound as though they’ve barely started on it. Still, it’s good to see that it’ll probably be releasing in about three years. Hopefully.




  2. I quite enjoyed Beyond Good & Evil so i’m looking forward to seeing the next chapter. It sounds like an ambitious project too so we can probably expect something fairly special when it’s all revealed.

  3. I find this much more entertaining than Rayman, but they’ve been talking about it for years. Have to wonder if it will ever happen.

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