European PSN Store Update: 17/07/13

Like Dead or Alive costumes?


Hopefully you do if you’re looking for something to buy this week, as the previously featured on PlayStation Plus brawler today comes with a massive pile of them, which are seemingly all new and in addition to the already rather extensive piles that have been released in the past.

Cute tip: if you were to buy all the Dead or Alive 5 DLC today, ignoring any duplicates, it would cost you more than £67.

It seems like it’s costume day all around, really. There’s a few for Dynasty Warriors 8, loads for LittleBigPlanet 2, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and a smattering for LittleBigPlanet Karting too.

Games? Slim pickings, we’re afraid – er, there’s Smurfs 2 for the PS3, an official release of the Sky Now TV thing and The Faction Pack for Metro Last Light. That looks likely to be just about it, unless there are any last minute changes or additions, which is unlikely.

At least there’s Hermit Crab in Space, a PlayStation Mobile game, to give us something to play. Hopefully there’s a bit more coming in the next hour or so.

Blame the heat.



  1. Probably just the Sky app and Metro Last Light DLC for me today

  2. I’ve found that I suck at playing games in the summer. Too warm/hot and too much to do outside! So these spare weeks can continue into October for all I care.

  3. Keep spending all my spare money on ‘dope kicks’ for my baby boy anyway. Got him the OG Infrared colourway Air Max 90s the other day. So damn fresh.

  4. No Sky App on the Store for all the Sky subscribers in Ireland…

    Can’t say I’m surprised to be honest.

    • I think it’s somewhere in Sony’s dark hole abyss along with the video store. Bloody shocking stuff from Sony. They are really pissing me off lately with their constant forgetfullness of Ireland.

      • The thing that gets me about the video store is that they actually announced it for Ireland first day!

        At the E3 reveal of the European Video Store, every other announced country got it too. Except us. :(

  5. Nothing much at all this week..

  6. My DOA5 girls got some new clothes.

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