Rayman Legends Contains 40 Levels From Rayman Origins

Ubisoft designer and Rayman supremo, Michel Ancel, has revealed that the forthcoming Rayman Legends contains 40 bonus levels lifted from the previous game, Rayman Origins.



The levels will be unlocked on completion of the game and the art style has been tweaked to suit the art style of Legends.

Also included is a new bonus game, Kung Foot, a party game for up to four local players (five on the Wii U) in which you punch, kick and bounce a ball into the goal. The game was orginally created to amuse the development team but has made it into the full release.

Rayman Legends hits the shelves at the end of August for all major formats but when the title was announced it was Wii U exclusive. The game was then delayed, a decision Ancel describes as “brutal”, and the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions were created. Ancel seems to suggest that if the game had not gone multiplatform it may have never been released.

“The mix between the boss – the one that [makes] decisions – and us, the connection must be there,” he told Videogamer. “They could have decided to not put more money in the game, because it costs a lot to have a full team for six more months. But I think they believe in the franchise and somehow they believe in what we are doing.”

He also mentions that that an “economic situation” was the reason for the delay, perhaps the slow sales of the Wii U, and also suggests another technology is finding it hard to attract gamers.

“It’s not very popular,” he commented, referring to Microsoft’s Smartglass tech which some had hoped would be used as a second screen on the Xbox 360 version. Ancel added, “It’s not as responsive as we need.”

Source: Joystiq / Videogamer / Shacknews.



  1. Awesome. Hate Ubisoft with a passion but I love the Rayman team so I will show my support and pick this up.
    Still curious how the Wii-U touch screen sections are going to work on PS3/360 though

  2. “Ancel seems to suggest that if the game had not gone multiplatform it may have never been released.”

    Hasn’t the team confirmed that the WiiU version basically was finished and ready for the delayed release date?

    I keep forgetting this comes out in August. I’ll check if I already have this pre ordered, and will do so if I haven’t done it, yet.

    • Just because the game was finished it doesn’t mean it would have been released. It certainly wouldn’t have turned a profit, so why waste even more money pressing up copies of the game.

      • Maybe they could have reclaimed some of the lost money by releasing it.

      • True, but we’re talking about Ubisoft, not some noname publisher. Delaying one of the most anticipated Wii U games and then not releasing it at all, even though the game itself is finished would have cause a shitstorm that Ubisoft wouldn’t want on their hands.

  3. Nice touch, completed and thoroughly enjoyed Origins PS3, so for anyone that hasn’t it’ll be a cool bonus for completing Legends.
    This’ll be another likely day one buy to add to the growing list of PS3 must have games coming in the near future!

  4. Waiting for pre-order possibilities for the PSV version. Day one purchase for me.

  5. I’ve always loved Rayman – especially the 2D games. I loved Rayman Origins as it felt like a modern take on the first Rayman game. It was absolutely superb. I’ve played Rayman Legends and that also looks set to be a great game, even if I personally feel that the environments don’t look as unique and as original as Origins.

  6. I’ve played Origins on PS3 and just started playing it again on Vita, gorgeous game and i’m quite looking forward to Legends.

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