A Look Behind The Scenes At Infamous Second Son

Infamous Second Son, unfortunately not a launch game, will be releasing early 2014. So far we haven’t seen a lot about the game, apart from a few new screens and the E3 trailer. We’ve seen the game first hand twice though – here and here.

This new trailer lets us have a look behind the scenes at the making of the game.

There is a large emphasis on the power of the Dualshock 4, including the role the touchpad plays at key moments in the game. For example, at one point Deslin Rowe will have to complete a finger scan.

Instead of just pressing triangle the player will have to place their fingerprint on the touchpad in order for the scan to go ahead. Although only a small detail it is one you can appreciate.



  1. Ahh, I was hoping to see more behind the screens in terms of seeing how they have been working on the game at their office. People talking about the controller to the camera with a white background is a little less exciting.

    • Aye, it was a lovely video but just the wrong one, for me. I was hoping for some at-the-dev-studio action where we see them beavering away whilst a chirpy staff member addresses the audience. :-)

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