Gran Turismo 6 Playable In Glasgow Tomorrow

The Scottish Car Show will tomorrow play host to the UK exclusive of Gran Turismo 6. The event, which will host a gaming section hosted by our friends at BigRedBarrel, will feature Polyphony’s racer front and centre, along with a few other racing games for company.


The show starts at 10am tomorrow, and is at the SECC in Glasgow. I’m local, and highly tempted to go – the GT6 demo will (presumably) be the enhanced E3 one I loved, rather than the stripped down GT Academy version. If anyone else fancies it let me know and we can have a wee race.

Details are here – it’s £20 on the door.



  1. Apparently it’s the Goodwood demo.

  2. Didn’t know you lived in Scotland Alex, that’s pretty cool.

  3. I’d like to know when we’re getting more info about the full games contents and it’s release date. Enough with the demo’s already. Come PD spill some beans!

  4. Not that far from me compared to other shows around the country but, sods law, I’m busy tomorrow. Shame :-(

  5. Bollocks. I’ll be at my cousins for the weekend or I’d have went to the SECC to have a better look at GT6.

  6. A wee race? Used to do that as kids.

  7. Around 600 miles too far away for me. I’m sure there’s a few unmentioned others from TSA living in in and around the Glasgow region if I remember. Have fun ;)

  8. Scotland has a car show?!

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