Forza 5 Doesn’t Need An Internet Connection. But Does Really.

Microsoft’s continued back and forth over games that’ll need to be connected online continues, with launch title Forza 5 being the latest software to come under an uncertain, inconsistent PR line.

At first we were told that the game would need a day-one patch to play, but apparently you can play offline without connecting the game up, but it won’t be the whole game.

The game will attempt to connect to LIVE at the start to download some Drivatars, but you’ll be able to start the game up and ignore them if you don’t have a connection.

“Connecting will also download new content,” said Turn 10’s Dan Greenawalt, “but the vast majority of the launch content is contained on the disc.”

“This download is simply additional cars and track,” he added. “The gameplay is not blocked while downloading the additional content; it’s done in the background just like disc install.”

Greenawalt said that “deeper areas of the career mode” will need these extra bits.

“This is similar to what we did on Forza Motorsports in the last generation as well – shipping both free and premium content at launch,” he said.

Except it’s not really – you need to have an internet connection to download the content – it’s simply not on the disk and is yet required to play beyond the first sections of career.

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  1. In Turn 10’s favour this is probably a hangover of Microsoft’s online U-turn. away from that though, requiring online to be able to finish the campaign mode by design (not an unfortunate bug) of a flagship title is pretty far from a great precedent.

    • Meh, poor mans Gran Turismo.

      In other news, GT5 still getting 100,000 players a day.

    • Even without Microsoft’s 180 this would have blown up in their faces. They said you only needed to connect once every 24 hours and that could be done by tethering the One to your mobile phone because it doesn’t transfer that much data back and forth.
      Try downloading whole chunks of the campaign through that connection…
      They are cutting it close and they tried to hide it. It’s that simple.

  2. So the X1 is really an always online console, at least if you want to get the most out of the games you buy.

    • I’m fairly certain the PS4 will be too.

      • You can say that about any game nowadays, instead of multiplayer being ‘tacked on’ to a game it forms the main component, which in some games works well.

  3. I can see a lot of this coming. Technically the game will load without a connection therefore it’s possible to play offline. Realistically though, you are playing a big demo if you don’t connect up and get the rest of the game.

  4. You know, at this point I think it would be in Microsoft’s interests to just shut the f*ck up until after launch, when they can confirm everything in absolutes and stop all this dicking around. Every time they say something, they just seem to be digging a bigger hole for themselves.

    • Yeah, I thought they learned their lesson at E3 but they just seem to allow people to talk about things without having a clear line on it. That results in confusion and contradiction. They be better off if, like you say, they just kept quiet until they knew exactly what the answer was.

  5. “but the vast majority of the launch content is contained on the disc.”

    So they’re launching a unfinished game….

    • even though there are several months left to go before the actual launch!

      • They’re not the only ones rushing a driving game for launch either.

      • I feel obliged to mark the difference here between rushing a game for launch, and actually designing, publishing and releasing an incomplete game that will require an online connection to download the remainder of the content. Yes Turn 10 are picking up the pieces after the 180, but at this point they’re still designing the game to work in this way.

        Just delay the game and ship it once complete. I can see the next year or so being filled with references to the 180, how that’s half a circle, and how that relates to the fact they’re only using half the disc, to release half-finished games.

  6. you know when i keep making that joke/comment about how we used to get whole games back in the day?

    well, i’m gonna make it again.

    anybody remember the days when you used to get a whole game on the disc/cartridge?

    yeah, this seems like the perfect time to make this comment.

    this may not be a huge issue for a racing game, but what about when they do it for a story based game?

    what if you can’t finish halo 5 or 6 without a download?

    • Can you imagine if they did this with other media or products?
      “Buy our new Harry Potter book”, except without the last 10 pages, which you can get when they feel like giving it you.;)

  7. *Sigh* To think I respected Turn-10 as a developer. Won’t be supporting them after this and am very glad I’m no longer getting an X1 at launch. Such a mess.

  8. I’d have thought with the cloud computing part of the X1 that many games are going to need constant net connections anyway. This is being blown way out of proportion. Basically don’t get an X1 if you’ve got no internet access.

  9. Why on earth will it need a day one patch? Surely they’ve not started making the discs yet? I thought that was done about a month before release?

    Unless its just been done to make sure everybody connects at least once to online, much like the consoles day one patch.

    • Game might be to far through development to change without a serious delay.

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