Forza 5 Microtransactions “Not About Making Money”

Turn 10 have explained that the not-at-all “micro”transactions in new Xbox One racer, Forza Motorsport 5, have been “fundamentally misunderstood.”

Dan Greenawalt from Turn 10 has explained that it was the studios decision, not Microsoft’s, to include these in-game payments. “Honestly I think, unfortunately, people attribute too much communication to this organisation,” he said. “For the most part, Microsoft sees it as we’re doing a good thing so keep it up, and so we’re left alone.”

“There’s a small group of players that can’t be bothered to do things and they have disposable income. They’re the sim guys in a lot of cases. They don’t want to do the career, and they don’t value those aspects, and that’s alright by me,” said Dan.

“It’s not about making more money, it was actually about saving people’s time when doing the grind,” he continued, forgetting to explain why the cars in Forza 5 cost over £47.

“We were looking at it as basically giving people cheats, but if you want to put cheats in you have to pay for them, which puts a barrier in and makes it exclusive to those who want to pay for them,” added Dan.

An interetsing choice of words as our own Alex fortold of “Cheat codes for cash” at the start of the year.

Anyway, let’s recap, apparently we’ve misunderstood the ridiculously priced, really-not-micro-at-all transactions in Forza 5. They are not there to make money, they are just the things you used to get for free but now you pay for them.

Source: GI Biz



  1. what a load of crap.

    • A late (but strong) entry for Eldur’s ‘Wheedling Load of Post-Rationalising Bull by a Greedy Developer’ Award…

  2. Is Forza 5 any different from GT6 in this aspect?

    I know in GT6 the game is essentially the same as previous GT’s, in that nothing has been removed and you can still grind through it, but you can also buy in-game credits for real money to speed things along.

    Have they actually taken things out of Forza and made it so that you *have* to pay real money to get them, or is it basically the same principle as GT6?

    • All of GT6’s cars can be unlcoked as before in GT5, but people with the money and not the time have been offered to buy coins to buy the best cars. Not what I’d do personally but I could understand why maybe.

      Forza however has a limited amount of cars and tracks, even compared to previous Forza games, and offered expensive dlc cars/tracks straight away.

      Forza is more money to buy than GT6 to begin with, not even including the cost of the console.

  3. I really want to believe him, Turn 10 have been a good honest dev, but the prices are extortionate. Also, charging extra for dlc cars then at the same time saying there’s less cars as standard because of limited development time doesn’t back up their case very well.

  4. So presumably this ‘small group’ of cheats is prevented from earning any trophies or achievements in the game.. yeah right.

  5. ”Honestly I think, unfortunately, people attribute too much communication to this organisation,” he said.

    Given the Xbox One reveal and E3, and subsequent missives, I believe people attribute their being NOT ENOUGH communication within Microsoft and from Microsoft to their customers.

  6. What a load of shit for any developer to come out and say. I’ve played games for years where cheat codes were available. They didn’t cost a penny and I didn’t use them because I didn’t need to.

    Why is the transaction a barrier? Wanting to enjoy the game without cheating is the barrier, you misdirecting, money-hungry plebs.

  7. Another anti ms article by tuffclub. Probably the least professional journalist in existence

    • Wait … so you’re agreeing with their assertion that removing what used to be unlockable cars and making them stupidly expensive DLC isn’t at all about the money and us, the consumers, have just “fundamentally misunderstood” their aim?

    • Never seen Fox news I take it?

    • Then you haven’t read any of Arthur Gies’ articles. Go check them out on Polygon and see what an unprofessional “journalist” is.

  8. Pathetic

  9. No I never said that. You just assumed I did.

  10. I don’t mind micro transactions. They are there for those who can’t be bothered to do the single player campaign and build up money to buy decent cars. I don’t see how having the option to unlock cars that you want is a bad thing. Some people can’t be bothered to build up enough money to buy better cars so putting the option to buy them with money so you can use them straight away is no bad thing. If polyphony did this with gran turdismo you would all be hailing it as a great move by them

    • Problem is you’re failing to recognize that you CAN’T unlock these cars any more. The ONLY way to get them is by paying for them.
      Gran Turismo HAS introduced the system you just described. You can pay for the car or you can grind to earn credits and unlock the cars for “free”
      Problem is what you described isn’t the case in Forza. In Forza you can’t unlock the cars any more, it’s pay for the cars or don’t get them at all. And you seriously don’t have any issue with that?

      • Oh so your talking about DLC cars then. The cars cost £2.39 each (I bought one last week) or you can buy a pack of cars for a higher price but it works out better value than buying them Individually. But in the last pack there was only one car I was interested in using so I bought just the one for £2.39. The reason so many cars are missing from forza 5 is because they didn’t have the time to create as many as forza 4. I think 200 cars is fine though. I would rather see more tracks brought back as DLC than cars and would happily pay a couple of quid per track

      • The key here being availability, as in GT’s case 1200 cars and 37 tracks (71 variations/layouts) all available for free, although purchase being an option for a quick fix rather than putting the work in.
        Surely Turn 10 could have followed a similar route and made the X-file cars available in game through progression and work as well as purchase rather than just simply by blunt purchase.

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