Forza Motorsport 5 Game Of The Year Edition Coming In July

Turn 10 has announced a game of the year edition for Forza Motorsport 5 getting the treatement, and it’s releasing  nine months after launch on July 22nd. This release will feature all the original content of Forza 5 as well as 17 additional tracks and the Top Gear DLC pack which features ten cars. The price point for this GOTY edition will be  $60/ £50/€70.

Forza  Motorsport 5 received a 7 from Peter when he reviewed the game at release. There was some controversy over the micro transactions present in the game, fuelled by the fact there were fewer cars present than in Forza 4. I’ve enjoyed what  little I’ve played, though those were more like 10 minute sessions than a huge investment of time.

Source: IGN



  1. ‘Game of the Year’ doesn’t seem to mean too much these days.

  2. @Aran Pretty awful 2nd paragraph of the article, almost like stuff I post regularly, only to read back and realise a head in palm moment….mind I can’t edit :P
    That said, anything seems to qualify for GOTY editions these days, although Forza would deserve a qualification I’d imagine.

  3. Shouldn’t this be ‘Forza 5: Game we should have got in the first place Edition’?

  4. After seeing this, and the teaser for Forza Horizon 2, I’m more tempted than ever to buy an Xbox One. Just wish my G27 worked with it. :(

  5. I find Horizon 2 more interesting to be honest, Forza 5 sounds like a bit of a fumble.

  6. Bought at launch as really enjoyed playing at an Xbox event but it just feels like an expanded demo. Its missing so many tracks and cars compared to previous Forza games and missing things such as the marketplace. Game of the year is a bit of a slap in the face tbh!

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