Digital Prices Of Xbox One Exclusives Raised

If you’re looking to go all digital this generation, then you’ll have to spend a little bit extra if you were planning to purchase exclusive Xbox One titles such as Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, and Ryse: Son of Rome.

Those games will now set you back £49.99 on Xbox Live rather than £44.99, as had been the case since November 22nd. That’s £15 more in total, which could buy you the likes of Crimson Dragon or Peggle 2. There doesn’t appear to be any official word from Microsoft on the matter, or whether the reduced price was a limited time offer.

Whatever the case, they are still a few pounds cheaper than the digital versions of the PS4’s main exclusives, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack, which are prices at £52.99 each.

Source: NowGamer



  1. Don’t the prices of games normally fall after the release date…?

    • They have to make up the money that they’ve not made by only selling 10 consoles.

  2. Stupid.

    • I concur. I am absolutely baffled as to why digital downloads of major titles are often priced beyond the RRP, let alone the ‘real’ price that can be obtained from any of the major online retailers or brick and mortar stores.

      It just makes no sense to me.

      These are versions of the game where a consumer gets no physical product, no additional features, no ability to resell, trade or lend the game, and must cost Sony, Microsoft and publishers a fraction to produce (for hugely improved margins) and yet consumers are still expected to accept balls-out price-gouging with absolutely no benefits.

      The digital edition of Battlefield 4 can currently be bought from the Playstation Store for £59.99. A 2-minute Google investigation tells me I can get the physical edition of the game for £29.99 (and that’s with a free t-shirt)! A fifty percent saving! For something that is yours to do with what you will! It’s madness…

      If Sony, Microsoft et al are serious about pushing digital sales then these games should be seeing massive price CUTS, not rises.

  3. What are Microsoft doing?

  4. If they were at a discounted rate for launch window, Microsoft would surely have advertised it as so to generate more sales. Maybe theyre just charging what they can, and can still claim to be cheaper than on ps4. Looks like you pay a pixel premium lol.

  5. It was expensive then, and it’s expensive now. Stuff like this will ensure I stay far away from digital downloads of retail games for a long time to come.

  6. Seems to be the going rate for next gen games.

  7. i guess ms doesn’t believe in the concept of the early adopter premium, so they’re going the other way. o_O

  8. Digital download prices for consoles is getting out of hand. I wish there were other online retailers who sold redemption codes for games (sites like GreenManGaming, GetGames etc.) Having some competition, and decent sales would make download versions far more appealing to me.

    • Well have done it. We can only hope a EU version of the system is created. I agree completely though. The digital market needs some competition, or just a sane retailer, whichever will do in order to make prices better.

      • Yeah, Amazon rarely do the sales though that PC gamers have come to enjoy, with RRP’s at this price, I’d probably only ever buy them at 75% off.

    • The US PSN store sells PS4 games for $60, which is about £36. Register a US PSN account and a US Amazon account, using a US postal address (I used to generate one myself). Then buy US PSN cards from Amazon US and redeem them on your US PSN account. Buy and download your games and they work with your EU PSN id.

      Voila! Decently priced digital downloads.. :)

      • Did George dubbya Bush go into finance at Sony after leaving the white house $60 = £60?

  9. It doesn’t surprise me as digital versions have always been priced higher on PS3 and 360. Although the prices on PS4 and Nextbox are more in line with retail prices although it depends on where you buy your retail games from.

  10. Sounds like they gave early adopters a temporary discount. Really wanted to go digital this gen but after this price increase and wasting £44.99 on Forza 5 (seriously, that game isn’t even worth £20 given how little content it has) I think I’ll stick with disks from now on.

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