Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass Will Cost £39.99

Microsoft have announced a Car Pass for Forza 5 as well as the price, and it isn’t going to be cheap. The Car Pass will cost UK residents £39.99, while those in Europe will be given the price of €49.99, and North America will be charged $49.99.

The Car Pass itself will offer six Car Packs with each one containing ten cars,with the first pack being available at launch while the others will be released monthly from January until May 2014. If you buy all the Car Packs individually you’ll pay an extra 18%, which is £47.19

Microsoft have confirmed that you will be able to buy cars individually, and each one will support Forzavista allowing players to examine both the exterior and interior of the car. If we say the price of individual cars adds up to £47.19 then each car will cost approximately 79p, which isn’t too bad considering that seems to be the price for various DLC items in other games.

Of course it’ll be interesting to see if other games start charging £39.99 or similar prices for season passes, considering that is how much most current gen titles retail for when released.

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  1. If the original game is free to play, with limited cars then this is fine. If the game is £40 and they want another £40 for extra cars they can stick that firmly up their exhaust pipe.

    • No you have to pay for the game. Or just get GT6 with 1000+ cars.

      • Whilst we know GT6 will have DLC, there’s plenty of cars & tracks, including previous DLC from GT5 ;)

      • 1000+ cars out of which 700+ are variations of Nissan Skylines! :D

    • I could not have put it better my self, Sir…

  2. I’m confused about your maths there.

    £39.99 + 18% = ~£47.19

    £47.19 / 60 = ~£0.79/car

    … You seem to have added 16% and divided that total by… 36 cars? I’m not trying to be rude here, this just doesn’t add up.

    • It appears late night maths isn’t my strong suit. Yeah I divided by 16 because that number was in my head.

      Will edit

  3. Bargain…Not!

  4. LOL, Microsoft fleecing their remaining customers. Can’t think there will be too many left at the end of the next generation.

  5. I guess it depends how many cars they have in the basic game. If the selection seems lacking I’d be way more pissed than if there’s already a nice selection available.

  6. Seems a bit pricey..

  7. And my complaints and predictions about DLC has happened – gone are the days where items were unlocked by completing challenges etc. What a joke!

  8. buying individually wouldn’t be too bad if you could test drive the cars first.

    is that gonna be an option though?

  9. Providing that the release game contains a decent quantity and varied selection of cars to tool around in then I don’t really see any issues with this pricing.
    It sounds a bit drastic as a season pass lumper, but in reality the pricing is no different to the GT5 DLC £0.79 per car that I’ve been paying over the past few years, not to mention the 3 quid-odd tracks that I’ve bought….ie. season pass costs spread out are soothing. It’s all choice buys anyways.
    On another Forza 5 note the latest clips of Kimi Räikkönen’s Lotus F1 car driving around the Le Mans track in the game look über stunning, the game is really shaping up!

  10. Could this be the New model what with ps plus and games for gold. This will allow them to get a full sale later on down the line

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