New PS4 OS Screenshots Show Game Page, Android Interface

These, apparently new shots of the PlayStation 4’s operating system, appear to show off the mobile and tablet interfaces that we’ve been hearing so much about but of which we’ve seen so little.

They’re similar to the main console shots, as you’d expect, but tailored to fit the various platforms that will all connect up to the PS4 come launch.

Whether or not they’re strictly prototype or concept shots is hard to say – the streaming mobile screen looks nice, as does the LiveScreen looking Knack page, which shows trophies collected.

It’s all very square and Metro, but at least it’s consistent.




  1. Really liking the look of the LiveScreen. Really digging the social stuff that’s shown here.

    • Really wary of all the social stuff.

      The last thing I want my console to be is a kind of Facebook machine with a joypad

      • ‘It’s great!’

      • Lol

        Also looks a lot like the new PSN Store layout which is either abysmal or ok depending what you’re trying to do

      • I don’t really mind the social stuff as long as it’s not rammed down our throats.

  2. Love the layout, but some (not all,) of the info updates are mundane. Reminds me of BF3, J.Bloggs unlocked a red dot etc.

  3. I hope it’s customisable to some extent.

    Even the ability to choose which boxes to display by default would be nice.

    • Agreed, i’ve been hoping for a Windows8 type custom menu, since the first reveal. Would be nice to filter msg type notifications too. Nice too see who’s broadcasting, uploading etc, but friend totals or what people had for breakfast, not my cup of coffee. “Msg noti, E8ball likes coffee, not tea.”

  4. Looking sleek, useable like a collage of webpages nicely designed. ;) .
    Not sure about the Lovers list though! :O

  5. Wait, that’s another Sarah Greene than in the first UI video

    • I thought it was a modelling agency portfolio at first.

      • Until you saw the Asian guy right?

        Now HE looks like a really gamer.

      • *real

        Dammit all.

  6. Nice watermark… ;)

    • :p

    • Noticed that too. Looks very good.
      Is it a teaser of a new look TSA, if so, looks really good

      • No no and no to the TSA watermark. Stick with what you’ve got…

  7. Pic 6: “totalt”. Nice proofreading, Sony.

    • I don’t care about that, but I’m looking forward to playing ‘Big Puzzle’ and ‘Combat Plane 2’ on my new £400 console powerhouse…

  8. Would be cool if gift sharing, was across all titles.

  9. Really hoped this wasn’t what it was going to look like and it puts me off. It looks awful and cluster f*****.
    Is the store that’s currently on the PS3 going to the 4 I wonder?

  10. Wow, you can hardly read what Sarah wrote in that love triangle chat because her background color is way too light. Hopefully something like that can be customized.

    • Whatever she said, I can only conclude that it’s great.

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