News Snatch: The Last Guardian, Xbox One Silliness And Three Colossi

Greetings Snatchers, we begin with a particularly superb cock up considering the location of the picture by, who else, the Xbox One team! They’re nothing if not consistent.



 The image has since vanished the from Xbox One Facebook page.

Time for me to get on my soap box and talk about Oculus Rift. Actually let’s not, let me talk about the massive sales of 3D televisions and the vast amounts of the 3D programing beamed in to our living rooms.

Oh wait, 3D TV sales are less than impressive, the BBC has just cancelled further 3D programming whilst the Sky 3D channel has less than 500,000 subscribers. No one can be bothered with 3D as you have to wear those plastic specs.

See where I’m going with this?

I’m sure Oculus Rift is superb and will no doubt find a small niche amongst gamers but we already have irrefutable proof that the general public don’t want a pair of lightweight plastic specs on their face let alone a hulking great big unit with two flat screens.

Fantastic tech but it’s never going to be anything more than an novelty and the team have recently ruled out any chance of the headwear coming to consoles describing the idea as “not a focus”.

Atomic Ninjas is a colorful and funny multiplayer action game, in which you control super-powered ninjas in frantic online matches against other players. Nope, never heard of it before either but it’s coming to PlayStation 3.

Cast your mind back a few Snatches ago when I urged you all to vote for a Salmon to be the next character included in Tekken Revolution.

Did you follow my orders? No you did not, useless the lot of you. The winning character with 26% of the vote is, unsurprisingly, the sexy female vampire.


The Salmon only managed to capture 8% of the votes.

Patch Snatch: Aliens: Colonial Marines has been updated and is now a good game!

Ha, only joshing, the latest update includes many fixes and balances including “an issue that could cause Xenos to walk upright on ceilings” and another patch that “addressed an issue where the motion tracker ping would play when you didn’t have a motion tracker.”

A new trailer for Soulcalibur II HD Online which touts the shiny new HD graphics.

The Last Guardian is still a thing! Gavin Moore, Creative Director to Japan Studios told Polygon just how busy the Sony team are:

“Knack is being done in that studio, The Last Guardian is still being done in that studio, Toyama-san [Gravity Rush creator] is doing his next one.”

See that? “Still being done”, The Last Guardian is not dead! Woohoo!

Movie news! One of the writers of the Dead Space movie (wait, when did that happen?) has revealed that at one point they decided to ditch Isaac Clarke completely. Thankfully the idea was shelved.

The afformentioned scribe, Justin Marks, is now working on the Shadow of the Colossus movie and has said that seeing sixteen consecutive colossi battles might have been exhausting so the film may feature just three, or possibly even one, colossus.

More video fun, this time a behind the scenes look at the remake of Castle of Illusion which includes plenty of footage of the orginal game.

The battle for next gen superiority will not be fought on the beaches, nor in the depths of space or even at your local HMV. No, the battle will be fought in.. the meeting room!


You may recall Hideo Kojima wowed everyone with an exact replica of a Konami office which you can see at the top of the picture alongside the real thing. Now a chap called Gametime has recreated another Konami meeting room in CryEngine3, picture at the bottom.

Exciting, huh?

You can now trade virtual Cannabis on Steam.

And Finally, more Splinter Cell: Blacklist footage. Now run outside and enjoy the sunshine before the heavens open, off you trot.



  1. Oh XboxOne… Why do you keep making it so easy?

    • Seriously, it seems like don’t want to actually win anything. Each advert, each sentence, each move just is worst than the last…not that I care ^^ Go SONY !

  2. I really do enjoy TC’s snatch.

  3. I actually was hoping to get PS4 support for the Occulus Rift. I’m not a fan of 3D tech in general but the OR seems to be so much more. Apparently it really adds to the immersion.

  4. Respawn tweeted yesterday that they had received an Oculus Rift, so we might see integration in Titan Fall (although I doubt it) or their next game. I think certain games + genres lend themselves very well to the tech, and would love to see move of it in the next gen.

  5. With the current heatwave, I’m seriously impressed TC has managed to keep his snatch both fresh and inviting. Top effort, fella. ;-)


    • Yep nice to see it hasn’t dried up! Maybe it’s this filth that drove JBoo mad? Also, The Last Guardian still alive? Woohoo! I’m still a believer.

  6. The oculus rift has nothing to do with 3d tvs!!!! People don’t use 3d tvs because it adds vary little to the viewing, is inconvenient, and expensive. The oculus rift makes for a much more immersive experience, and will allow for experiences that were previously not possible. Lastly oculusvr have not ruled out consoles there just not making something that is not up to them the driving focus of there work. Ms and sony control what gets on to there systems and wont be bothering with the rift before it proves viable.

  7. My point isn’t that wearing something on your face is fun. Its that 3d tvs barely add anything to the experience, where as the rift fundamentally changes it. No one wants to wear something for no real gain but will deal for real benefits.

    • In your opinion 3D Tvs dont add anything. In my opinion Rift doesnt add anything.

      So lets say they cancel each other other, because opinions don’t matter.

      So that leaves the glasses, which stats say no one wants to wear.

      Why do you think we invented contact lenses? Less is more.

      The general public dont want a massive telly strapped to their face, if they did VR would havce taken off back in 1990 when it was first around.

      • Yes and since handheld computing didn’t take off the first time some one tried must be why it never did ;) The rift has the potential to create new genres of content, as well as enhance existing ones. Where as 3d tv allows you to watch a movie with cheap often wrong depth effects. One tech has a incredible amount of potential in a wide variety of fields were as the other makes spongbob float in front of your tv :0

      • The idea is as sound as can be. The technology simply needs to catch-up. We’ll get there eventually. Just not now.

      • Exactly my point Bunny, everyone would love VR and 3D, but not the clunky tech.

        My money is on the AR contact lenses in development.

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