Everybody’s Golf Launches On PS3 With 33 In App Purchases

The PlayStation 3 version of Vita launch title Everybody’s Golf comes with a huge amount of additional (and optional) purchases – 33 of them at the time of counting.


The add-ons range in value from 40p to 79p, and offer stat boosters in the form of various balls, clubs and costumes, the latter including Kat from Gravity Rush, if you’re interested.

The game itself is £12.



  1. Anyone got any idea if I still have to buy this even though I’ve bought the vita version, or will it be free for me?

  2. Looking at that DLC list – I see that they are what should be unlockables from just playing, like World Tour has.

    If they can’t be earned from playtime, I’m out.

    A quick calculation shows that the combined DLC is more than the base game. No thanks, that’s CoD’esq.

    • Kat was paid for DLC on the Vita, the rest look like standard unlocks you’d get through playing the game.

      Seems odd they’ve only put 1 course up for purchase though

    • Yup, apart from Kat and her costume they are all unlockable by playing the game.

      I’m addicted to the Vita version, so I might be tempted to try the PS3 version. Wonder how good the Move implementation is?

      • Just wanted to clarify my own comment… found this on the PS EU Blog:

        “What’s more, for those of you that own the PlayStation Vita version, all of your downloadable content is Cross-Buy and will be unlocked in the PlayStation 3 version!”

        Good stuff, def buying the PS3 version now.

      • “Balls and clubs of Levels 1 to 3 are unlocked via gameplay. Level 4 balls and clubs can be used instantly after purchase.”

        Does that mean it’s capped at level 3? If so they can go do one.

  3. Apparently if you have both PS3 & Vita versions, you get VIP status, some freebies & discounts too.

  4. Damnit, only the DLC is cross buy? No thanks then.

  5. insert witty comment about not getting full games these days here. ^_^

  6. Is this worth getting over World Tour?

  7. If you totally love Everybody’s Golf & Trophies then Aye…….If not then No.

  8. OA77 pick of the day, I know, cause I am his digital caddy.

    • Thanks digital caddy ;) yeah i do enjoy my golf had this awhile on vita real shame it isn’t cross buy.

  9. Picked it up the other day and so far really enjoying it. We may have to have another TSA Championship, the last one was great fun.

  10. Great game, but I find it a struggle now I’ve got to bronze in the challenge league. Manage to get to the 9th hole either joint leader or just behind and then balls it up every time with about +6. In the words of James May, Cock!
    Been buying things at the in-game shop custom clubs & balls but it won’t let me select them to use in challenge mode.
    Where the eff is the in-game manual? I can only find a controller button config and settings screen but nothing about how to play the game….apart from little tips on screen between golf rounds. Cock!
    Do enjoy the game even though slaughter is inevitable. :)

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