Lightning Returns To Feature Social Network Hooks

When playing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, users will be able to share game updates via Facebook and Twitter for the world to see.

That’s according to Japan’s Dengeki PlayStation, which also confirms that in-game outfits will be customisable (at least in colour, anyway).


Lightning Returns is by no means the first title to use this tack. Swathes of console games have used Facebook and Twitter integration, usually to add prominence to their multiplayer offerings. In Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us, for instance, users can link to their Facebook when playing Factions. This non-intrusive hook-up swaps out your default band of survivors with people from your friends list. It’s goofy sure, but clever.

Lightning Returns, as the name suggests, features the original protagonist from Final Fantasy XIII. It’s a follow-up to XIII-2 that showcases streamlined mechanics and an ominous Doomsday clock, giving players 13 days to save the world.

Source: Siliconera



  1. XIII-2 did something with the Facebook too. At least, I think it did. There was definitely some sort of Facebook option there. I saw it and made a point of ignoring it, because, erm, reasons?

    This sort of crap is only going to get worse though. We’ve already seen that horrible PS4 UI that looks like some sort of Facebook for “special” people. Why must people know every single pointless detail of anything their “friends” do all the time?

    I’m just getting old, I guess.

    • Deal with it, that’s how the world now is. Facebook here, Twitter there, makes me sick…

  2. Things no one ever wanted, ever. *sigh*

    • I wouldn’t put it top of the list of unwanted things, but it’s pretty high up.

      I’d put “more of this terrible hot weather”, “marmite” and “a go on some lady parts” (is that the correct term?) first.

      Then Facebook integrated with everything. And I’d probably put that twice, just to make it clear that this shit has to stop.

      • i agree about the hot weather, roll on winter so i can get a good night’s sleep again.
        but the other two.


        i just love Marmite.
        and my gravatar pic should tell you about the other one. ^_^

        i’d put a go on some man parts on my list though, probably at number one.

  3. I never heard about the game, but i’m going to buy it because i love Facebook

  4. Well done Square, you have just put me off Lighting Returns. There was a very very small chance of me paying attention to it but with FaceTweet being implented on it, I will not be paying attention and Final Fantasy is meant to be a single player experience that does not have any social stuff or DLC or other BS in it.

    • A lame social feature that can be ignored, is what puts you off?
      If that is all it takes, then you probably weren’t buying it anyways.

      And if you aren’t buying any games that have DLC, then you must be really bored :P

  5. i don’t care for facebook and twitter and the like, so i just wont use those features.

    so long as it doesn’t interfere with me playing the game i couldn’t care less.

    i liked the other two, and this looks decent enough.
    though i’ll probably wait for a price drop.

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