News Snatch: Assassin’s Creed, Beyond: Two Souls And Call Of Duty Threats

Videos a-plenty today, starting with 13 minutes of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag with a commentary from Game Director Ashraf Ismail.



It’s quiz time! Using your knowledge of PlayStation and the PS Vita complete the following: “PlayStation Mini shoot em up, Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims, is to…”

  1. Be forgotten
  2. Turned into an epic movie trilogy starring Tulisa from N-Dubz
  3. Get a shiny new HD mix with twin stick controls and land on the European PSN on 7th August.

Frank Gibeau, President of EA Labels, has said that Star Wars: Battlefront is “well into development,” and that it “has a third-person component to it.”

A rather disturbing TV commericial for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Treyarch design director David Vonderhaar tweeted about a few changes to the weapons on the PC version of Call Of Duty: Black Ops II. “The DSR fire time was 0.2 seconds. It’s now 0.4 seconds. The rechamber time was 1.0 seconds. It’s now 1.1 seconds” he posted.

What followed was nothing short of an avalanche of death threats and abuse, “@DavidVonderhaar end your f***ing life you cancer c***” tweeted one person and followed this with threats to David’s daughter.

The second live action trailer for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, starring the bloke who was on Lost for a bit and then became a Hobbit.

Thought for the day: Is a Sly Raccoon the follow up to Anne Summer’s top selling product, the Rampant Rabbit?

And Finally, a new video of Beyond: Two Souls which also includes clips of previous Quantic Dream games to show how far the team has progressed.



  1. After thinking I might not buy AC4, that video does look pretty cool….will have to see what it looks like on PS4.

    Wow, even Treyarch employees don’t deserve that kind of abuse.

    • Agreed, I’ve been on the fence about the new one, AC3 was just so disappointing I thought it wouldn’t bother. Probably going to wait for a few reviews from people and it to appear in a UPlay or Steam sale though.

      • Yeah, no doubt it’ll basically be the same game, just with a (much) prettier setting. But the nice setting, and PS4 improvements could be enough to get me to buy it, but I don’t think I’d get it on PS3.

        I think I’d also wait for reviews too, as AC3 and Liberation on Vita both had a reasonable amout of glitches on realease too! :(

      • I’m not holding my breath that it’s going much of a better experience on PS4, the PC ports are pretty shoddy (graphically), but maybe the next-gen being similar to PC will give them an incentive to optimise them better.

    • The footage looked amazing. Not Crysis level of fidelity but the vastness of the world and the seamless transitions between different gameplay elements got me really excited.
      I was already planning on getting this on day 1 for the PS4 but this is getting really close to passing Watch_Dogs as my first game to play when the new system releases…
      On the other hand, the more I see of Beyond, the less excited I get… :/

  2. Those threats over changes to Blops 2 are ridiculous. People need to grow up and get a life

    • ShUt ur faceHOLE or I’Ll av intercourse wID yo MOMMA!

      COD4LIFe! 3ARCH are godz!


    • really shows the true demographic of COD gamers to be honest

      • I’m a CoD gamer and I don’t act like that. In fact, most of the people I play with aren’t like that. It’s this very vocal abusive minority that won’t go away

      • I’m a COD gamer too, and a huge amount of the community act like this. Over 50% of people that have a headset will always be a twat, and the amount of messages I have gotten from people on the losing team (when I’ve normally battered them) giving me death threats and insulting me etc is ridiculous. No other community is as shitty as the COD community, that’s why I only tend to play with people I know.

      • I’m a CoD player and I agree somewhat with bigbaldwolf

        You still get some jerks, but its alot less than the amount from back in the MW2 days. and honestly, I encounter more assholes in BF3 than BlOps 2. Its no where near 50% IMO, but each region might be different, and voice accents might also contribute to more hate, so I’d imagine the amount of CoD player hate is relative

  3. Really cannot wait for Beyond. :D

  4. I’m almost dribbling over the tiny bit of Battlefront news, I can’t wait for more! Is it wrong that I just bought some Star Wars Lego off eBay whilst humming the Imperial march?

  5. If a Sly Raccoon is the (presumably upgraded) replacement for a Rampant Rabbit, then what the hell is a Sectoid Commander?!

  6. I’m hoping that anyone sending death threats will be arrested or at least cautioned. Utterly disgraceful behaviour.

    • bang on, its probably 10 year old kids though, and will just get cautioned or a slap on the wrist

  7. please tell me that arsewipe has at least had his COD profile banned, what an absolute tosser. made me quite angry reading that

  8. Shocking response to the COD tweet, i hope they can track down some of the perpetrators of those vile threats.

  9. What a shitty human being that is making those tweets. I met David Vondehaar at Eurogamer last year, and he was a really nice guy. Even if he happened to be a dick, he’s in the games industry, he’s not harming anybody, there’s NO reason at all for those kind of threats etc. Truly awful.

  10. Not to nitpick, but wasn’t he a Hobbit first and then got Lost. ;)

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