Rumours Suggests Sony Making Gran Turismo Movie

Rumours this morning suggest Sony are making a movie based on the Gran Turismo series, the sixth main release of which (discounting prologues, concepts and portable versions) will release in a couple of months on PlayStation 3, via.


Apparently Mike de Luca an Dana Brunetti, the Fifty Shades of Grey producers, will be behind the wheels of the movie, whilst Sony executivess Elizabeth Cantillon, DeVon Franklin, and Hannah Minghella will watch over it.

The Wrap claims that the movie will seek to distinguish itself from other car-themed movie franchises, like the Fast and Furious series and the newly announced Need For Speed film.

Sony are also currently making an Uncharted movie, something to do with inFamous, a Brett Ratner God of War movie and another one for Twisted Metal…

Read our latest hands on with Gran Turismo 6 – featuring the new Goodwood track – and an interview with the GT Academy stars, here.



  1. how they’re going to turn a game which essentially has no plot into a movie, well, i don’t know how they’re gonna do it.

    can’t wait to find out though.
    assuming it doesn’t fall through like some of the other game adaptations the Sony studios announced.

    mind you, this shouldn’t be as expensive a project as something like Metal Gear Solid would be, so that might help in the, actually getting made, stakes.
    and the popularity of a certain angry, speedy series might help too. ^_^

    • “how they’re going to turn a game which essentially has no plot into a movie, ”

      Battleship? Also Asteroids is on the way.

      • well, yeah, but i can’t imagine them shoehorning an alien invasion plot into the Gran Turismo movie.
        might make a fun movie though, the fate of the earth rests in the hands of one racing driver. ^_^
        and what is the plot of the Asteroids movie?

      • There are asteroids. Only one man can blow them up.

    • I can only imagine a plot that would be based around an academy winner and his rise to the top as in Lucas Ordonez’ case.
      Possibly starting with a young Kazunori Yamauchi with this big idea for a unique racing simulation game then following it’s inception and well received reception, fast forwarding to more current times and the birth of the GT racing academy…..intro done.
      Enter the hopeful gamers!

    • Sounds perfect for the sort of tripe Michael Bay churns out ;p

  2. Come on don’t be so pathetic. GranTurismo was never ‘delayed three years’ for a site that pretends to know about PlayStation, you seem to not know basic things WHEN games have historically arrived.

    Full GranTurismo games have always been mid gen titles. GT5 had a 3 month delay, that was it, unless of course you listen to Microsoft and turn 10 for your facts.

    • Oh I do.

    • Euum you know GT 5 was delayed multiple times right? So 3 months aint gonna cut it.

    • Technically he’s right, GT5’s release date was only announced once, and the delay to that was minimal.

      The problem was that people _assumed_ it would be a launch title, and then judged it as ‘late’ when it turned up in 2010. Polyphony Digital never promised such a thing, and in fact GT5 Prologue was a fairly solid intermediate release.

      I could never understand the hate on GT5 ‘being late’, but I guess Turn 10 churning out the same title 4 times in a gen, without including night racing, endurance or weather is something we should applaud now?


  3. Why… just why???

    • i assume you’re looking for a more detailed answer than just.

  4. Jesus christ, I bet its not a patch on Herbie whatever happens. I love that little car

    • Jeez, did the Herbie films need patching as well? :P

  5. I’d love a WipEout movie, that would be somewhat more interesting, in my opinion.

  6. Tenner says the hero car is a Skyline.
    I hope, if it does ever get made, it tried to focus on the actual thrill of racing like Rush is looking like doing and not trying to make it all about jumps, drifts and other infeasible stuff.

  7. Probably be a lame movie.

  8. The intro credits will be over an hour long.

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