Saints Row IV To Come With Season Pass, Features Anal Probe Weapon

The weapon that got Saints Row IV banned in Australia – an anal probe – will be exclusive to a newly announced Season Pass, Deep Silver have stated this afternoon.


The Season Pass will include two new mission packs and the intrusive weapon, dubbed the Rectifier, which will, according to the press release, help “the President of the United States get the ‘inside’ information from enemies.”


The Season Pass will also include the Director’s Cut of the previously announced “Enter the Dominatrix” DLC. It’ll cost £8, but includes content apparently worth £12.

The game is out on the 23rd of August.



  1. “Rectifier” Ha! Can’t wait to play SR4 in co-op with Tef. :-) Mucho fun was had with SR3.

  2. Loving Saints Row: The Third at the moment. Always palmed it off as a GTA wannabe but, in truth, I think I prefer it. Completely absurd and a joy to play on its easiest difficulty.

  3. <3 SR3 so I will be all over this game. About as fun as co-op play gets really.

  4. Bummer for Australia.

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