Kinect Sports Rivals Pushed Back To 2014

Microsoft has confirmed that its flagship for next-gen motion gaming won’t launch this holiday season, as previously planned.

Instead, Kinect Sports Rivals will be arriving in Spring 2014, giving developer Rare more time to polish the product.

The game looks to be a vast improvement on previous titles in the series, the all-new Kinect affording more precise tracking. Players will go head to head in a variety of events including climbing, soccer, target shooting, bowling, tennis, and wake racing.

Source: Polygon



  1. i suppose Microsoft needs to allocate some manpower to work on all these latest promises they made.

  2. Shame really as it was the only family-friendly title of the bunch. Hell, it was the only Kinect title of the bunch, meaning people are coughing up extra on launch day for a camera they can’t even use even if they wanted to – aside from talking to the console of course, which I’m sure is fun….

  3. An X1 sports game running behind?

  4. well thats a kick in the balls. Would have been good for them to sell that with the console for Christmas, bit like Wii Sports.

  5. Can’t they just release it and let the Cloud do the polishing?

  6. More signs that Microsoft is behind the schedule with their first party titles because Sony forced their hands with and unexpected strong PS4 push in 2013.
    With Forza having to rely on a day 1 content patch to actually deliver a complete game, there’s only hope that Ryse is actually a finished product, which is also questionable with all the changes they promised before the game launches…

  7. I bet that’s disappointed at least 7 people.

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