Kinect Sports & Joy Ride Trailers

Just in case you had forgotten, both Microsoft and Sony are releasing some motion based gaming devices this Autumn. Following on from the recent news splurge on PlayStation Move comes a couple of trailers for some forthcoming Kinect games.

As you can see the emphasis is firmly on family fun and the kind of social gaming experiences that have made the Wii such a runaway success in the ‘party’ gaming environment. In the Kinect Sports trailer you get see some online play as well, accessed just by using Kinect to ‘press’ a button to either join or decline the online invitation.


Kinect is available in November, assuming you don’t need your family to be as good looking as these featured in the lifestyle videos.

Kinect Sports.

Kinect Joy Ride.



  1. High 5. What family plays games like that?

    Did they ever watch FIFA World Cup, because when I did the players were moving Microsoft think they stand still and just pass the ball.

    • I wonder if you can do a flying kick to an opposing players chest in the final

      • Nigel de Jong is called ‘the karate kid’ now here in Holland :)

  2. Must admit, i wouldn’t be able to play like that (and to be really honest, it actually looks terrible). Still, kids may find this fun

    • goats love everything, well for about a week anyway

      • You lost me for a second there… A second.

  3. The hurdle game in kinect sports really highlighted the lag for me. You have to jump way before in order to get over the bloody hurdle. The lag was there but as soon as you take your analytical gaming cap off you forget about it and it just becomes a lot of fun, though you feel completely ridiculous while playing every game :P

    • True and that been edited by Microsoft to show them in the best light.

      Just watch iPhone add’s and it impossiable to do what show in it that quick, so much so that there notice that says “Sequences have been shortened”.

  4. Can’t wait to do a virtual ZIDANE!
    I thought joy ride would include stealing cars… no such luck :\
    Fail m$oft

  5. Ok, let’s break this apart.
    kinect sports: I did this with the Eyetoy severall years back!
    kinect joy-ride, could work.

    But all in all STILL NOT IMPRESSED MS! where is your first “wow look at or incredible never done supreme technology” game?

  6. I’m looking forward to see how you actually play these games. The Kinect enabled Forza had fixed acceleration and braking. You had no control over that at all. You steered and stuff. How does that translate to the football game? Anyone know? Do you play it “properly” or is it all forced, as such.

  7. So this is what they’ve got Rare doing nowardays? Shame on you Rare, shame! :P

  8. If my kid didn’t save that penalty I’d not feed it for a month.

    • thats harsh…. im sure there will be an exploit like there is for every wii sports game.
      how can they justify a dive (more of a jump actually) of 1 foot in the living room covering half the goal in the game?

  9. This really doesn’t look good in any way…

    I’m a Lazy SOB so standing while gaming is just not gonna do..

  10. Who would play a racing game standing?!?

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