Sony Confirm And Date Gamescom Press Conference

Sony have today confirmed their presence at next month’s Gamescom, the Euro-centric gaming convention in Germany.

They’ve also confirmed they’ll be having a press conference, as they did at E3 in June, which will be on the day before Gamescom on the 20th.


Once again it’s at the Staatenhaus am Rheinpark in Cologne, it’ll start at 7pm CET, which is 6pm here in the UK. It’s likely to be streamed live by the platform holder.

Expect news on the PS4’s release date, a price-cut for the PS Vita (and possibly hardware tweaks), and possibly the same for the PS3.

We’re also looking forward to lots of new PS4 games.



  1. Is this likely to be the last conference of the day, i.e. after Microsoft’s presentation?

  2. Vita hardware changes??


    • HDMI-out is a good possibility, but yeah SRSLY! :/

  3. Crap! I already knew this but I will be missing the conference since I’ll be on vacation in Sicily…
    Hopefully I can find a WiFi hotspot…

    • Oohhh… get you… ‘Sicily’, eh? :)

    • Sicily eh? Pleasure or, ahem, business??

    • Well, we’re going to visit my fiancé’s family. Considering the very likely chance that her family is actually part of the Famiglia, it might end up being a little bit of both… :P

  4. A price cut and possible new Vita? I was planning on buying one today and taking advantage of the £169 Vita, 8gb memory card and 10 games deal. Anyone got a crystal ball and know whether I’m better off waiting?!

    • How can it get better then that in the immediate future, hell I was waiting for the killzone bundle but that sounds extremely tempting.

    • Same question here, I nearly bought mine yesterday.

      What about a new vita with cheaper memory and better battery.

    • I’ve cracked and bought it! Had a voucher for £10 so got it for £159. I’ve got a load of games from PS+ to play so I think I’m going to dive in and play Uncharted…

  5. 4G Vita incoming? Bought the 10 game pack for my little girl who loves it! It’s a great deal!

  6. A new Vita model will most likely be cheaper to produce than the current, and therefore possibly worse in some respects. Apart from giving it better grip and an HDMI out I can see it being any better. Unless they stick an internal storage capacity in it. That might make me upgrade.

  7. I hope they announce larger capacity memory cards

    • Amen to that!! Both my 32gb & 4gb are full! Need at least 64gb Damn you ps+ for being fantastic value!!

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