PS4 RAM Rumours “Absolutely False” According to Developer

Brian Provinciano, Retro City Rampage creator and PlayStation 4 developer has described Digital Foundry’s PS4 RAM rumours suggesting that the system will take up to 3.5GB for the OS, leaving only 4.5GB for games as “absolutely false” on twitter.

He then took to his blog to go into detail about the situation, describing how operating systems taking up RAM is extremely commonplace within game development, and how Microsoft’s upcoming console does the exact same thing.

Provinciano also offers some insight on how the media can sometimes spin a story – it’s easy to misread comments and it seems to have happened to him a few times in the past.

He didn’t go into detail about how much RAM games can actually use, however:

I’m not saying how much memory is used, but I am painting a better picture of how you should be looking at this, and again raising awareness about sensationalist headlines.

It’s clear that a lot of people are overreacting about this, forgetting that in comparison to the PS3, the PS4 is a massive improvement on the RAM side of things.

Nothing is clear until we get the official word from Sony, though known insider (according to Gematsu) Thuway has stated on NeoGAF that there are “games in development that are using 6GB of RAM.”


  1. “I’m not saying how much memory is used”


  2. All this guy has done has said that one rumour is false, and that’s it.
    This will just go on and on and on until Sony come out and give us the official word.

  3. Sony have responded on digital foundry hours ago. 4.5 gb is for games, with an additional .5 to 1gb available as the console and development matures. The extra memory has been described as an equivalent to spu on ps4… A pain now, but will come into its own with first party devs and good developers…

    • You are wrong. Yes, they have responded to Digital Foundry, but only to explain the difference between their “Direct” and “Flex” memory partitions.

      They did not comment on the actual sizes of the game or OS partitions. This is where Sony insiders on Neogaf are confirming games are already in development using 6 GB.

      • This. They just made the comment on the difference between flexible and direct memory. Nothing about actual sizes.

      • I misread the article as it was one of those that keeps getting added to with updates…

        This is such a non-issue though… I imagine it hurts only the same people who moaned like hell about the ps3 not having cross game chat and the slow speed of the in game xmb

      • Ah, the consoles aren’t out. The games aren’t out (obviously) so the fanboys are bitching and whingeing about any old shit.

        Think about what we’ve seen at E3. Everyone’s already excited by what might come. If the developers use 5GB or so and have done so efficiently, I’m sure Sony will work hard to free up another 500MB of RAM if the situation deems it necessary. Even then… we only have to see how the PC games are looking to know that it’s a lovely amount of memory for the devs to play with already.

  4. I read the article earlier on Gematsu that 6Gb was available, sounds more like it as I couldn’t see why the PS4’s OS would use about the same amount of RAM as the X1 which has two OS’s running at the same time.

    • 3 OS’s actually, even worse :P

      • A hypervisor doesn’t need that much resources to be honest

  5. Just a big site scratching around for solid news and settling for rumours. Lame.

  6. Yea 3.5gb for OS seems way overblown imo.

    If I can run Windows 8 on my 1gb netbook np then Sony must be using that extra ram for mating with Sheep ready for the spring season ahem.

  7. Baring in mind what The Last of Us achieved with the PS3’s limited RAM even 6GB is going to seem like a huge luxury to gamers and developers alike. At least in terms of console games. I’ll just sit back and see what these somewhat pointless numbers, at least to the less tech minded of us, really can mean for next gen.

    • Tomb Raider (on the PC) was taking around 2GB and that’s normal RAM as well as video memory (VRAM) added together. Having 4-6GB of GDDR5 will be heavenly I don’t doubt! :-)

  8. Curious why he didn’t say what the available Ram is if he wanted to totally debunk the rumour.

    • I’m guessing Sony has instructed relevant folk that they’ll issue something official soon. If not, aye, I know what you mean. That’d be this issue dealt with.

      • They’re all under NDA, and clearly not allowed to talk about the specifics of the console, which haven’t already been announced.

        Coming out and saying that something is completely false is pretty much fine, but then to give the exact details of what is allowed is stepping over the line.

  9. Calm down, calm down. You’ll be able to shoot things, solve puzzles, do wheel spins and score goals, so don’t worry.

  10. Oh, fucking retro city 2 guy said no?

    Bring back fish.


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